CarCare24.eu -- ACC_130, Chemical Resistant Dilution Spray Bottle. Pre Labeled 946ml 32oz is designed to hold up against chemicals and solvents.

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Why Buy This Product?
Chemical resistant heavy duty bottle and sprayer
Easy to read label can be written on to reduce cross-contamination between products
Holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents
Industrial strength sprayers
Adjustable sprayer nozzles - fine mist to jet stream

About This Bottle
This Chemical Guys chemical resistant heavy duty sprayer and pre-labeled bottle is designed to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents. The bottle is pre-labeled and can be written on to reduce cross-contamination between products. This bottle can be used with all chemicals, even chemicals that cause standard trigger sprayers to fail and fall apart. The nozzle O-ring and piston cup of the trigger sprayers are made of Viton for superior chemical resistance. The adjustable nozzle sprays from a fine mist to a jet stream. This bottle is excellent for both water-based and oil-based chemicals. This heavy duty bottle can be used to apply spray waxes, window cleaners, carpet cleaner, dressings and more. The stem measures at 9 3/4 inch which can be sized for both 32 ounce and 16 ounce bottles. The end sprayer is complete with a light filter to assure maximum passage of chemicals. This bottle comes pre-labeled so you can write directly on the bottle so each of your bottles are easily identified.  The bottle is also labeled with dilution ratios making it easy to dilute your chemicals from 1-1 to 1-10.

3-pack Full Function Pump Sprayer  

How To Use:
Easy to wash using your favorite product
Cut stem to desired size
Rinse clean after use
Rinse with plenty of water for storage

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