CGEU MULTI LANGUAGE LABEL DRESSING PLASTIC RUBBER LEATHER, L_INT_CLP_8, Multi language label dressings for plastic, rubber and leather.

In stock
- Product information
- CLP Pictogrammes
- Hazard information
- Product features (color, scent, strong / mild etc etc)
- Related items that fit with the product’s nature (towels, brushes etc etc)
- Available in English, German, Dutch and French language

Thank you all to keep on asking about multilanguage product labels.
With a lot of input and information we putted it all together in 1 complete format that covers;

The multilanguage labels are fullcolor printed and laminated which guarantees deep colors and great finishes
that also stay great when they might get wet J. These multilanguage labels are re – sealable, so when you
open them, these are easy to close, over and over again. The multilanguage labels are self adhesive and easy
to outline and stick on over the standard US – label.

You may expect on the longterm that we will have multilanguage labels available for all Chemical Guys products.

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