CHEMICAL GUYS CELESTE DETTAGLIO V2 PASTE WAX - N_00P6, Celeste Dettaglio V2 paste wax is designed to enhance clarity to achieve a mind blowing appearance on any paint on any car.

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Celeste Detagllio V2- Enhanced+Improved

With over 6 months of worldwide testing, Celeste Detaglio was received with open arms as undoubtedly one of the best paste waxes available. The reviews from professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts worldwide gave us confirmation that we had crafted a true piece of detailing perfection.

The feedback and input we received was unreal. Hundreds of car enthusiasts, detailers and friends sent in emails, pictures and videos of Celeste at work. The results were absolutely amazing! We listened to your feedbacks and progressively made changes. 46 unique changes occurred over the course of 6 months to develop a product that would exceed your expectations.

The high carnauba content in Celeste makes for a very hard and durable product, but we wanted to make the user experience in application even better….after numerous months of research we have formulated a unique blend of natural oils that bond better to surfaces while allowing V2 users a greater ease of application.
The unique blend of pure carnauba was specifically crafted to make any vehicle look stunning. Celeste Detagllio V2 is designed to take the amazing palette of colors and enhance the clarity to achieve a mind blowing appearance that will make you stare in pure astonishment wondering how your piece of automotive art could look this amazing. 

Since its earliest beginnings, Chemical Guys has been focused on taking our passion for auto care to a new level by constantly striving to manufacture and deliver innovative, high quality, easy to use products that deliver like no other. We wanted to take this passion for quality and innovation and combine it with the true passion that drives a dedicated detailer to use our product as a tool to create automotive art. When it comes down to it, it’s the combination of a passionate detailer and great product that results in nothing short of something Heavenly.  

If everyone thought the same, there would be no change
Your voices have been heard.  First off thank you to the thousands of detailers and enthusiasts around the world.  Your passion is what fuels this industry. Thank you for your input, your feedback, your pictures, your videos and your friendship. Your thoughts, ideas, and input lead to change. 

Positive creative ideas came together to form the most innovative pure carnauba paste wax on the detailing enthusiast market to date. Our goal at Chemical Guys is to revolutionize the world or detailing for the enthusiast and detailing professionals alike. We believe it only takes one amazing idea to change the world, and that amazing idea is born in the minds of Chemical Guys. Countless hours are spent by the Chemical Guys research and development team to create and engineer a carnauba paste wax that truly defines the essence of detailing. 

“Everything can be improved in life, it just depends how much you want it and how much time you have to sacrifice towards it." That’s my philosophy when I detail. - Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth.

Introducing Celeste Dettaglio V2 - the direct result of combining innovation with passion.
pas·sion - [pash-uh n]–noun - Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for detailing. "Celeste Dettaglio meaning Heavenly Detail has been formulated to give Sports cars , Super cars and Show cars the ultimate finish and I believe it truly does. I've spent many hours testing this new wax and it's now proudly displayed on some of the United Kingdoms best show cars alongside my own car. I hope you enjoy the journey with this wax like I have and have fun with it which is what waxing and cars is all about.." - Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth.

What if we took our knowledge and experience in manufacturing and placed it into the hands of the artists?  
We started with a blank canvas and one hell of an artist; Introducing Marc Elsworth, a true artist whose work speaks for itself. Here at Chemical Guys we believe that if you give an artist the tools he  needs the results will be amazing. So we got together with Marc Elsworth to create a perfect detailing tool…Celeste Dettaglio. needs the results will be amazing. So we got together with Marc Elsworth to create a perfect detailing tool…Celeste Dettaglio. 

Dark color cars will appear to capture the hue of our world’s natural colors. The truly one-of-a-kind formulation captures the stunning shades of automotive art and transforms them into crystal clear eye candy. Celeste Detagllio brings the dark luster to jet black paint that you only imagined could be portrayed in the dreams of an automotive enthusiast. White, yellow, and red paint are enhanced and brightened to appear crisp and bright in the sunlight. Yellow cars gain that crisp bright finish that stands out from the crowd. White cars become bright and vibrant just like snow falling on a perfect winter’s day.

Celeste Detagllio is a true ‘show winning’ paste wax designed and engineered to impress the human eye. Over the years, Chemical Guys detailing experts have performed hundreds of blind tests to determine exactly what features of a paste wax give the biggest ‘WOW’ factor. Our test have shown that the right blend of natural oils enable the product to be more user friendly while improving bonding and durability. Chemical Guys spends countless hours developing new and innovative solutions to create the perfect detailing products and techniques.

Chemical Guys has been obsessed with creating a carnauba wax that outlasts the competition. Our latest generation on carnauba bonding technology means v2 is more durable and longer lasting than ever.  By refining the old blend, we are able to increase the perfection of natural carnauba used while still maintaining the perfect ease of application and removal. The perfect blend of waxes and natural oils make for a new Celeste Degallio you are sure to love. Once you apply a coat of Celeste Detagllio to your prized piece of automotive art, you will truly see the ultimate definition of perfection. 

Everyone I know in the industry or on forums looks forward to the weekend or day before a show to make the car look mint and that's where Celeste fits in, it's got great cure time of about 15 to 20 mins so no struggling to remove it after 10 mins if you have left a bit on too long like some waxes and removal is easy unlike some ultra expensive waxes. I like it or maybe I love it?

Introducing Celeste Dettaglio V2 - the direct result of combining innovation with passion

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