CHEMICAL GUYS CONTOUR EZ-FORM TIRES & TRIM APPLICATOR ACC_2001, sticky fingers, Grime under nails, messy towels, uneven application? No Problem No More -> Tires & Trim Applicator.

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Sticky Fingers, Greasy hands, Grime under your nails messy towels, uneven application?--No Problem No More.

As anyone will tell you the key to success is to KNOW HOW TO DRESS Well-dressed tires and trim make the car. From the die hard professional to the enthusiast looking to apply the most even coat of dressing to a tire, or a premium coat of trim gel to the trim or even a nice applicator for hard to apply leather seats. The Chemical Guys Tire and Trim applicator is made out of Dura-Foam Memory foam to form the surface you are working with for superior application that spreads evenly delivering unparalleled results without ever wasting the product.



The easy-grip ergonomic shape makes holding this premium applicator a pleasure while the close pored dura-foam makes this applicator awesome. The premium ergonomic design also protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime, dirt, and all other crap!  Yup we said it crap!  And it felt good.


The Tire & Trim Applicator thankfully takes the mess out of the dress. Sturdy, durable foam is securely housed in a palm-sized, rectangular handle with finger grooves to eliminate slippage. This particular grade of foam was selected for smooth, even application without dripping. The design of the applicator makes it easy to control and target specific areas. Achieving good-looking tires have never been easier or cleaner. This applicator also is terrific for attending to your trim.

  The  ergonomically shaped durable aerospace plastic handle that will not break, or become brittle even when left in the sun for weeks. The unique shape allows it to easily and effectively mold itself to the surface applying a even coat of dressing or conditioner.



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