CHEMICAL GUYS DECON V4 473ML WHEELCLEANER AND WHEEL WOOLIES KIT 4 ITEMS - HOL272, A strong, fast and safe deironizer and wheelcleaner with the best wheel brushes available for perfect wheel cleaning.

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Why buy this product?
Easy to use.
Everything you need for perfect wheelcleaning.
Clean  dirt, pollution and brake dust safely.
Use the D-Con V3 for heavy duty cleaning.
Agitate the contamination, oxidation and the brake dust
with the Wheel Woolies brushes.
Always rinse with water afterwards.


About this kit
This kit contents the DeCon V3 473ml and the 3-pack Wheel Woolies  brushes.
DeCon V3 is the ultimate wheel cleaner that removes ferrous particles and corrosive contaminants. Harmful particles containing iron penetrate the wheels and over time can cause damage which is not (immediately) visible to the eyes.

After spraying the DeCon you use the Wheel Woolies  brushes to get your wheels completely clean. This set of brushes consist of 3 different lengths to thoroughly clean the entire rim.The long brush is approx. 50 cm, the medium brush is approx. 35 cm and the small brush is approx. 20 cm. The Wheel Woolies are safe for all rims and wheels and are made from the best quality wool. After using your Wheel Woolies, always rinse well with clean water to remove oxidation and contamination.

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