CHEMICAL GUYS DETAILING BUCKET WITH LOGO 4.5 GAL 19 LITER - ACC_103, the Chemical Guys detailing bucket! This high quality bucket is the last detailing bucket you will ever have to buy.

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Why Buy This Product?
Heavy duty materials and construction
Tailored for Grit Guard and Gamma Seal for the perfect wash
Live and rep the CG lifestyle — even as you wash your car!

About This Product
Introducing the Heavy Duty Detailing
bucket from Chemical Guys! This high quality bucket is the last detailing bucket you will ever have to buy. The rugged construction is 30% thicker than competitors’ buckets for ultimate durability. The compact tapered design stacks easily and stores with a small footprint, saving you valuable garage space. The internal dimensions are tailored to fit wash baffles like Grit Guard for the perfect scratch-free wash. Gamma Seal lids lock securely onto the flanged lip for a spill-proof seal that holds full loads of water. Each bucket comes with a sturdy steel baling wire and tough plastic carrying grip for ultimate portability!

Advanced Construction Materials
Every Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing bucket is built out of food-grade high density polyethylene plastic. This material is renowned for its high strength-to-density ratio, and chemical resistance. The carrying handle is made from a tough steel baling wire that will not bend or break under heavy bucketloads of water and tons of suds. Heavy Duty Detailing buckets are 90 mils thick—30% thicker than competitor’s standard buckets. All parts of the Heavy Duty Detailing bucket are recyclable and reusable, which reduces waste and pollution and cleans the world even after they break!

Ultimate Versatility

Every detailer knows one bucket is not enough—a standard two-bucket wash actually requires three buckets: one for clean soapy water, one for rinsing dirt off the wash mitt, and one specifically designated for cleaning wheels! Heavy Duty Detailing buckets are also great for storing your bottles of Chemical Guys products and microfiber towels, keeping your detail garage neat and organized, and your microfiber clean and scratch-free! Heavy Duty Detailing buckets are made out of FDA-approved food-grade polyethylene plastic, which makes them ideal for storing anything you want. High density polyethylene is chemical resistant, and will not degrade or break from any car detailing chemicals you throw at them.

Chemical Guys Emblem and Lifestyle

This is only for the bucket. The Gamma Seal (red top) is sold separately.

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Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
Fit in digital stamp No
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