CHEMICAL GUYS DUCK FOAMING TRIGGER SPRAYER - ACC_135, Chemical Guys Duck Foaming Trigger Sprayer is a chemical resistant foaming sprayer to turn cleaners and degreasers into foam.

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Why Buy This Product?
Professional foaming trigger sprayer
Chemical resistant heavy duty bottle
Easy to read label can be written on to reduce cross-contamination between products
Produces large volumes of thick clinging foam
Adjustable foaming tip controls the level of foam produced

About this sprayer
The Chemical Guys chemical resistant foaming sprayer is designed to turn cleaners, degreasers and soaps in a sea of foam. The Duck Foaming Trigger Sprayer can be used with all foaming and non-foaming cleaners and degreasers. This foaming trigger sprayer will add a touch or a lot of foam to any cleaning job. The foaming sprayer has a high output foaming nozzle with an adjustable foamer tip. The stem measures at 9 3/4 inch which can be sized for both 32 ounce and 16 ounce bottles.

Chemical Resistant Bottles - Regular & Foaming Trigger Sprayers

Regular Trigger Sprayer 32Oz

Foaming Trigger Sprayer 32Oz


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Fit in digital stamp N/A
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