CHEMICAL GUYS EL GORDO PROFESSIONAL MICROFIBER TOWEL LIME - MIC_333, The El Gordo Microfiber Towel Lime allows it to absorb and retain unwanted dirt, debris and grime without scratching the surface.

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Our truly professional grade microfiber towels, manufactured for professionals that need the best quality towel that can be used for everything! Introducing El Gordo Fatty Lime; this microfiber towel feels thick and dense and has the same size pile up that you front and out back like all Chemical Guys towels however, El Gordo was created with the professional looking for the best versatile towel to get the job done in mind. El Gordo is a small towel that packs one serious microfiber punch! This towel utilizes technology that allows it to absorb and retain unwanted dirt, debris and grime without out scratching the surface. Its double sided design means double the cleaning power and double the efficiency. The small size of El Gordo makes it the perfect candidate for any job whether it’s waterless washing, waxing, or the simple application of one of your favorite CG shine enhancing products on your vehicles exterior on interior. El Gordo does it all!
These towels are 70/30 blend making them 100% machine washable and able to always retain & deliver the same level of softness as they did the day you bought them even after numerous washes. The chubby spun strands and holds loads of soapy water delivering a premium wash that lubricate the paint reducing friction and enhancing the paint. These towels are the perfect size enabling them to be not only highly versatile but also incredibly efficient. Not to mention a piece of cake to store. Voted "Professional Favorite" by our customers, El Gordo towels are 100% scratch free and guaranteed to be the perfect match for any detail job, from waterless detailing, buffing and waxing all the way to windows and interiors. Manufactured of the finest quality at our textile dept. in Korea, these towels are the real deal.


Thick is great, but that doesn’t always necessarily equal premium quality towel is #1. The weave and break down of towels are often overlooked in search of a bigger, fatter, thicker towel. As manufacturers, we see our fair share of towels daily but sadly, most of these towels are unnecessarily thick and their quality is poor making them nice to look at and touch but lousy at detailing which is why we set out to create a microfiber towel that not only performed flawlessly, but also one that would withstand the work intensive demands of a detailer working on a professional level.

Ridiculously thick towels are usually very poor at absorbing and do a lousy job as a buffing towel or a waxing towel and even as a drying towel. El Gordo and all Chemical Guys Towels are of the highest quality 70/30 blend making them the most absorbent and most washer friendly towels on the market. El Gordo was designed with a 70/30 blend of fat loops that enable the detail to trap and retain undesired debris so that it wipes easily off the vehicles surface.

The Rundown
Designed with the Professional Detailer in mind.
Advanced 70/30 fat loop blend.
Premium re-washable microfiber that delivers the same level of softness even after numerous washes.
Safely removes grime and dirt without scratching the vehicles surface.
Versatile design makes El Gordo the go-to towel for any job


Cleaning & Care of Microfiber:
To clean your Cloth, rinse well in warm water until all traces of dirt have wrung out of The Cloth.
If you are using the towels to remove wax or as a wax or glaze applicator be sure to wash the towels immediately once they are used with Microfiber Wash. This will insure the product rinses completely out of the towels.
When you are ready to launder your Cloth, it can be put into the washing machine providing you DO NOT use Fabric Softener in your Washing Machine. The Cloth will absorb the fabric softener and become stiff and hard limiting its natural ability to attract.
When Drying Cloths in the Dryer, use low to medium heat. Heat can melt the cloth.
Never iron The Cloth! Bleach can be used to disinfect surfaces - we recommend a 5% solution.

Recommended Maintenance:
Easy to wash using Microfiber Wash.
Always use medium gentle setting when using washing machine.
Always wash separate, to ensure they remain lint free. As with all microfiber products, never expose them to a fabric softener.
Do not use fabric softener. It will reduce there static properties and cause the microfiber to clean/spread less effectively.
Lint/air dry or machine dry on low setting, separately from other laundry.


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