CHEMICAL GUYS GALLON EASY POUR SPOUT - IAI_TOP_310, Gallon Easy Pour Spouts are perfect to pour liquids from gallon size to smaller bottles.

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Why Buy this Product?
Quick and easy way to pour over products.
Pour over products from gallon size bottles to smaller containers and bottles.
Fast, convenient and easy to use.
Keeps product bottles clean.
Reduces spillage and product waste.

About The Spouts
The Gallon Size Easy Pour Spouts are the perfect solution to transferring products from gallon size bottles to smaller containers. These spouts keep your product bottles clean. They are fast, convenient and easy to use. These spouts resemble ketchup bottle tops and can be re-sealed which extends the life of your products. The red tip keeps the spout clean. These spouts greatly help reduce spillage. Don't waste any more product from spilling between bottle transfers. Just snip the top when you are ready to dispense your product. 


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