CHEMICAL GUYS GIFT CARD (MULTIPLE VALUES AVAILABLE) - HOLGIFT, With this gift card you have the perfect gift for Fathers Day, Birthday and Christmas “for all car – people”.

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Why buy this product?
A unique and exclusive gift for anyone
that loves cars, car care and autodetailing.
Perfect for special Holidays like Christmas,
Birthdays and Father’s Day (of course Mother’s Day too J).
Various coupons available, this gift card fits every budget.
Gift card is designed with detailing in mind…
Giving this gift makes you want to “go outthere and detail”.
This gift card comes complete with a corresponding holder.

About this product
“Getting” it is good, but “giving” is better! What better gift to give then the gift of “detailing”? We all know car – people. Car – people love cars, they are passionate and live their life behind the wheel enjoying every minute they can. They talk about cars, the engines, the tires, the car lifestyle at car club meetings, the maintenance that is done, how good their cars perform and especially “how they shine”. So what better “gift” to car – people then  access to one of the largest programmes car care chemicals, autodetailing supplies, automotive tools and workshop equipment, right here at Chemical Guys. We are “car – people” and we specialize in caring for cars and love to share this passion with the ones you love. Therefore we invented this gift card!

The Chemical Guys Gift Card
With this gift card you can always have the perfect gift for “car – people”. We know how it is to think for that special present that will make your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, brother or sister or actually anyone you love smile. Some people “have it all” and with that finding the right gift is a challenge. This gift card is perfect for anyone that loves cars, loves to ride them and loves to care for them. The giftcard comes in various coupons, it can fit every budget. With this the receiver of this gift card can shop at for over 1000 items related to carwash, scratch removal, car wax and sealants for shine and protection, leather products, wheelcleaners, accessories and professional tools and even workshop equipment like trolleys and lighting. Feel free to browse our website for ideas that can fit your beloved ones or yourself.

How does it work?

Purchasing this gift card is easy. Add it to your shopping cart and check out your order following the easy steps the website guides you through. When you like to send this gift card as a present, then please mention “send without invoice” in the text field right before you place your order. In this text field you can also write “Happy Birthday X, much love and warm greetings, Z” or pretty much every other message you like us to pass through to the receiver of this gift card. 100% sure that passionate car people will love what you do here.

Every gift card has its own unique personalized coupon code that can be used once in the coupon field. The receiver adds the items he / she likes to the shopping cart and checks out the order following the easy steps the website guides you through. When seen the “coupon field” please fill out the coupon code and apply it. The coupon value will be deducted from the total in your shopping cart. We advise to use the coupon as maximal as possible, we cannot refund rest values.

We wish your father, brother, friend etc… and yourself much happiness in everything you’re gonna celebrate together!

Design “Detailing”
Holder Included
Coupons EUR 10 – 25 – 50 – 100- 250 – 500
Personalized Yes
Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day etc etc…
More Information
Fit in Mailbox N/A
Fit in digital stamp N/A
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