CHEMICAL GUYS GLASSWORKZ OPTICAL CLARITY GLASS CLEANER - CLD_680_16, Glassworkz Glass Cleaner achieves streak free glass on any vehicle and is tough on dirt and grime and gentle on the environment.

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Why Buy This Product? 
Professional strength cleaning
Optical clarity technology
Alcohol and ammonia free 
Unique streak-free formula
Safe on tinted windows
Gloss enhancing technology 
All natural pomegranate scent

How it Works
Glassworkz is the world's first glass cleaner engineered with optical clarity technology to achieve streak free glass on any vehicle. Glassworkz is tough on dirt and grime while being gentle on the environment utilizing a unique eco-friendly, biodegradable formula. Unlike other glass cleaners on the market, Glassworks is alcohol and ammonia free to provide the user with a pleasant detailing experience teamed with the natural scent of fresh pomegranates. Glassworkz has the professional cleaning strength to remove the toughest of window film, stubborn bugs, road grime, smokers residue and interior grease. Glassworkz makes cleaning your vehicle's glass quick and easy. Our unique eco-friendly Glassworkz formula is alcohol and ammonia free to give you professional quality results while protecting the environment. State-of-the-art cleaners teamed with advanced streak free formulation takes crystal clear glass to the next level. Utilizing Optical Clarity Technology, Glassworkz delivers crystal clear glass providing improved visibility for the driver. Our unique streak-free formula gives perfect results in seconds making Glassworkz perfect for the enthusiast and ideal for the detailing professional. Glassworkz will change the way you clean your vehicles glass forever.

Optical Clarity Technology
Discover the amazing world of optical clarity. Glassworkz was designed from the ground up to redefine glass cleaning forever. The technologically advanced Glassworkz formula leaves your vehicle's glass surfaces crystal clear, every time. Having crystal clear glass on your vehicle not only looks great, but also provides a higher level of safety by improving visibility for the driver. Glassworkz is formulated using our patent optical clarity technology to improve visibility and give the driver full view of the road ahead. Our Glassworkz formula provides a crystal clear surface that is always streak free. No more worrying about your vehicle's glass surfaces having haze or streaks. Glassworkz transforms your glass from down and dirty, to fresh and crisp in a matter of seconds. Optical clarity technology provides the user with perfect vision on the road ahead never leaving a dirty spot in the driver's view.

A New Level of Versatility
Glassworkz is the world's most versatile glass cleaner.  Glassworkz is safe on plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows, headlights, tail lights, LCD navigation screens and even plastic and glass mirrors. The eco-friendly Glassworkz formula works great on clear plastic restoring with optical clarity technology. Glassworkz is also safe on tinted windows. Glassworkz will remove dead bugs and road grime from your plastic headlights and tail lights. In-car television screens are easily cleaned with precision Glassworkz technology. Take a step into the future with Glassworks; the world's most advanced glass cleaner. Always spray Glassworkz and all glass cleaners onto towel first NEVER onto electrical components and instrument panels.

Window Tint Safe
Many modern vehicles are being equipped with tinted windows to protect the interior from sun damage as well as providing the driver with increased privacy and comfort in warmer climates. Tinted windows can keep your vehicle cool but at the same time can be very challenging to maintain. Many glass cleaners on the market contain chemicals like ammonia and alcohol that can damage, stain and deteriorate window tint. Our unique Glassworkz formula is 100% alcohol and ammonia free making Glassworkz the perfect glass cleaner for tinted windows. Just a few light sprays of Glassworks will give your tinted windows a perfect streak-free finish every time.

Professional Strength Cleaning
Detailing professionals around the world choose Chemical Guys for the highest quality results. Our products are designed with professional cleaning strength to tackle any detailing task. Glassworkz provides streak-free results for both the professional detailer and automotive enthusiast. Our unique Glassworkz formula is powerful. Glassworkz dilutes to a ratio of 1:2 using distilled water to provide you with the world's most advanced window cleaner and can be diluted as high as 1:4. Glassworkz has the professional cleaning strength to remove the toughest of window film and grime, stubborn bugs, road grime, smokers residue and interior grease. State-of-the-art cleaners termed with advanced streak free formulation takes crystal clear glass to the next level.

Unique Streak-Free Formula
Never worry about streaks again! Nobody likes glass with streaks and haze. Dirty glass can reduce driving visibility by up to 85% in severe cases. Glassworkz is engineered utilizing a patent streak-free formula that leaves your vehicles glass looking amazing in seconds without the worry of nasty streaks. Glassworks gives you the power to clean your glass anywhere, anytime with crystal clear results. The unique Glassworks formula even works in direct sunlight for crystal clear glass before your Sunday drive or getting your ride ready for the local car show.

Other Sizes Available
The Glassworkz Optical Clarity Glass Cleaner is also available in gallon size.

Part Number CLD_680_16
UPC 816276011387
Size 16 ounces // 473ml
Top Black top with sprayer included
Scent Pomegranate
Safe on tinted windows Yes
Alcohol-free Yes
Ammonia-free Yes
Streak-free Yes
Biodegradable Yes

How To Use:
Spray glass or windows with Glassworkz  Glass Cleaner.
Using a clean, folded microfiber waffle weave glass towel, wipe in long strokes up and down the glass.
Flip towel over to clean side and wipe in long side to side strokes until the glass is clear and streak-free.
For electrical components and instrument panels/dash area always simply spray towel with Glassworkz and wipe components.
Dilute with distilled water or use as is.

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