CHEMICAL GUYS INDURO WHEEL SPOKE ENGINE BRUSH - ACC_203, Induro Wheel Spoke Engine Brush is Ideal for hard to reach areas that are dirty. This cleaning brush gets where you need it fast.

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Ideal for hard to reach problem areas that are dirty and hard to get to this adjustable and bendable multi-face cleaning brush gets where you need it to fast. Manufactured form Premium PVC with Nylon Bristles  that are chemical resistant and extra Heavy-Duty.

The best brush at the right price:
- Curved for easy cleaning in just the right areas
- Induro-BRUSH™- Long life premium construction
- Right Grip Comfortable Rubber Grip handle for non-slip, easy and comfortable gripping

- Stiff durable, long lasting bristle tips
- Hanging hole for easy storage
- Soft siding to avoid scratching the car
- Ideal when used with Chemical Guys Premium Blue Wheel and Rim Cleaner.


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