CHEMICAL GUYS LIGHT METAL POLISH - SPI_404_16, Light metal polish cleans, protects and restores metalwork like chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and clear-coated metal.

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Why Buy This Product?
Natural carnauba and synthetic polymers
Enhances the shine and appearance of any metalwork
Removes light imperfections
Polymer shield with UV protection
Protects the classic shine of your metalwork
High gloss shine
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About Vintage Series Advanced Formula Heavy Metal Wax
Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax is a unique formula designed to protect the shine of your metalwork.  The all new Metal Wax was specifically designed with the classic car culture in mind. The innovative formula in Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Polish resists dirt, debris, contamination, light oxidation and stains for the ultimate shine. Metal Wax is perfect for protecting chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and clear coated metal surfaces from harmful elements.  Advanced polymers were specifically formulated to provide the highest level of protection while also leaving a crystal clear finish.  Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax will keep your classic metalwork looking great for years to come.

Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax is an all new formulation that cleans, protects and restores your precious metalwork.  Metal components are a vehicle’s most prominent feature and require delicate care and protection to ensure a long lasting shine. UV solar rays, salt, road tar, oxidation and unsightly stains can deteriorate the appearance of your vehicle's metalwork. Often times rust and permanent damage can ruin your investment. Vintage Metal Wax is designed to enhance the shine and appearance of your chrome, billet aluminum, copper, stainless steel, diamond plate and clear-coated metal surfaces while providing total UV protection.

Whether you are polishing your stainless steel exhaust, detailing metal engine parts, or polishing billet aluminum wheels, Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax will restore the original shine.  Metal surfaces of all types need to be cleaned and protected on a regular basis to preserve the natural shine and stay protected. Over time, your metalwork will fade and discolor for numerous reasons.  Whether you reside in an urban city, beach community or salt flats, your precious metalwork is being attacked by foreign invaders in the form of UV rays, salt, sand, brake dust and hard water. Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax is the perfect choice for cleaning any metal surface and restoring the vibrant shine. The advanced Polymer Shield Technology creates a barrier that produces a high gloss finish while also protecting the original shine of your metalwork.

Application for a Brilliant Shine
Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax achieves a brilliant shine by using a non-abrasive formula that is completely safe for bumpers, exhaust tips, diamond plate and precious metalwork.  First step is to make sure that your metal surface is clean of loose dirt and debris.  Once clean, simply apply a few drops of Vintage Metal Wax to a microfiber applicator pad and the rub metal surface until it is hazed over.  Once dry (20 minute dry time) you can remove excess Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax with a microfiber towel and buff to a brilliant shine.  You can re-apply as needed to achieve a superior finish.  Chemical Guys Vintage Metal Wax will protect and enhance your brilliant metalwork.

Part Number SPI_404_16
UPC 816276018973
Size 16 ounces // 473ml
Top Black top with flip top
Form Cream
Safe for use on Chrome, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, silver and gold metalwork
Abrasiveness  Extra light
Apply by hand Yes
Apply by machine Yes
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