CHEMICAL GUYS M SEAL FACTORY PAINT SEALANT - WAC_113_16, M Seal is a sealant that blends into your paint binding and delivering shine, durability and protection,

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Why Buy This Product?
Long lasting paint protection sealant
Virtually impenetrable surface shield against radiant heat and external contaminants
Cross-linking acrylic formulation
Delivering unparalleled shine
Protects against the UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants

How it Works
M-Seal Micro Finish Paint Protection system is a unique nano tech cross-linking acrylic formulation. Utilizing nano tech particles no larger than 1/75,000th the size of a human hair, M-Seal is as refined as scientifically possible. M-Seal redefines gloss and protection. A true pure sealant cross-linking acrylic formulation that virtually blends into your paint binding and delivering unmatched shine, durability and protection. As the paint process occurs, paint cures and entrapped solvents evaporate from the base layer up through the paint. When this occurs sediment is left in the paint's pores.Unless your vehicle is enclosed in an airless glass bubble, all painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of contamination, from sulphuric nitric acids from the atmosphere to airborne brake dust, rail dust and industrial fallout. These contaminants and pollutants cling to the paint in the forms of oxides. Once a surface is properly placed and prepped to assure a smooth oxide free surface M-Seal is applied to the surface to protect and enhance. M-Seal bonds chemically to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the now highly polished surface. As the treated surface cures, molecules elongate, interlocking with each other producing a finer bond, resulting in the toughest micro-bonded protective coating for paint.

Increased Longevity
Pure M-Seal is a micro finish topcoat that binds to paint surfaces creating a virtual clear coat finish of protection. M-Seal features the warm glow and superior deep shine of micro-refined nanotech sealant. M-Seal has unmatched longevity and is easily layerable over itself; delivering an even deeper silky look and feel. Formulated for increased longevity M-seal is engineered with ultraviolet filtering agents to help protect against premature aging while protecting your autos surface for months from the elements. M-Seal bonds rapidly with surfaces delivering unparalleled shine and leaving no wax residue behind. M-Seal is formulated utilizing Anti-Static Agents to aid in repelling and eliminating dust attraction, tracking and cling as well as dust contamination.

Protects Against External Contaminants
M-Seal offers a virtually impenetrable surface shield against radiant  heat and external contaminants.:  UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely. M-Seal seals in fine scratches and conceals swirl marks leaving behind a brilliant reflective deep shine that lasts for months. M-Seal can be applied to new and used vehicles, boats and watercrafts, commercial vehicles, motor bikes, caravans, motor homes, fiberglass, aircrafts and more.

Part Number WAC_113_16
UPC 816276010137
Size 16 ounces // 473ml
Top Flip cap
Scent Vanilla
Form Liquid
UV block Yes
Carnauba No
Sealant Yes
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes

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