CHEMICAL GUYS MONSTER FLUFF INTERIOR MICROFIBER APPLICATOR ORANGE (7 X 12 X 4=5 CM) - MIC_297_01, Chemical Guys Monster Fluff Interior applicator is an ultra premium microfiber applicator for sensitive automotive interiors.

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Why Buy This Product?
Premium soft applicator for sensitive automobile interiors.
Gentle on fine natural leather upholstery.
Scratch-free on real wood dashboards and trim.
Superior spreading ability.
80% fluffier than traditional microfiber applicators.
Bright orange color highlights dirt to avoid contamination.
Durable plush foam core is easy to hold and spread product.
Washable and reusable.
Made with premium 70/30 blend microfiber for softest touch.

About this applicator
The Chemical Guys Monster Fluff Interior applicator Pad is an ultra premium microfiber applicator for sensitive automotive interiors. Fine natural leather, real wood trim, and polished metal accents require special products and soft touch to look and feel their best. The Monster Fluff applicator uses extra long and plush microfiber strands to spread fine leather conditioners, moisturizing creams, durable protectants, and lustrous wet waxes with a soft scratch-free touch. Old style applicators use cotton, which actually has sharp fibers at the microscopic level. These jagged ends cause unsightly swirls and scratches on sensitive wood veneers and soft polished metals found throughout high end automobiles. The Monster Fluff applicator Pad uses premium soft 70/30 blended microfiber for the softest scratch-free touch with every swipe. Bright orange microfiber highlights any dirt or debris and helps prevent cross-contamination between different surfaces. The bright color also highlights any removed dyes or colors from upholstery to avoid permanent damage. The plush foam core of the Monster Fluff fits with great resilience in the hand, and easily spreads creams, liquids, and pastes on any hard or soft surface. Work premium leather conditioners and protective serums deep into natural leather upholstery with the Monster Fluff applicator. Place a dab of fine metal polish on a corner of the Monster Fluff and restore luster and gloss to fine silver door handles and gauge bezels. Restore a deep black shine to textured plastics and rubber with premium dressings and protectants. Spread premium carnauba wax for a warm wet glow on real wood veneers on dashboard, door panels, and armrests throughout any fine limousine. Expert detailers choose the Chemical Guys Monster Fluff Interior applicator Pad for the finishing touches on exquisite automobile interiors. 

Versatile Interior applicator

The Monster Fluff Interior applicator Pad is the first premium microfiber pad designed for sensitive automotive interiors. The plush foam core and fluffy microfiber strands fit snugly in the hand and tackle any interior detailing job. The soft 70/30 blend microfiber will not scratch or swirl sensitive wood grain dashboard trim or door panels, or soft metal accents and trim pieces. Use the Monster Fluff applicator to moisturize and protect natural and sealed leather upholstery, vinyl and rubber trim pieces, plastic panels and components, and polished metal fixtures and accessories. The durable applicator pads are machine washable for the freshest and softest touch on any automotive surface, and last for years of detailing use. Choose the Monster Fluff Interior applicator Pad for any premium automobile interior detailing job.

Premium Soft Touch

Old applicator pads were made with cotton, which is now known to cause scratches with its sharp fibers. Low-grade modern applicators are made with 80/20 microfiber, which gets hard and also causes scratches when it gets old. Chemical Guys Monster Fluff Interior applicators are made with premium 70/30 microfiber for an ultra-soft touch on the most sensitive surfaces. The plush long-strands of microfiber are soft on sensitive surfaces, and also pick up and trap any missed abrasive dirt or debris for scratch-free detailing. Use the Monster Fluff Interior applicator for scratch-free detailing on exquisite exotic wood veneers, soft polished metals, sensitive optical plastics, and soft natural leathers.

Durable And Reusable

Cheap auto part store applicator pads fall apart after just a couple uses and are best thrown away rather than washed. The Monster Fluff Exterior applicator Pad is made with premium soft blue microfiber double-stitched over a durable plush foam core. The stitching seams are inverted for a scratch-free touch on any surface, and the 70/30 blend microfiber lasts through dozens of wash and dry cycles for years of reliable use. High grade 70/30 microfiber stays softer for longer than cheap 80/20 blends, which cook in the dryer and cause scratches on paintwork and sensitive plastics once they get hard. Professionals and hardcore enthusiasts all choose Monster Fluff Exterior applicator Pads to detail fine automobile exteriors.

Keep Your applicator clean
Keep your microfiber applicator at the peak of its softness and performance with Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate. If used regularly, Microfiber Wash will retain and restore microfiber softness and protect your microfiber towels keeping them soft and absorbent.

How To Use:

To wash and dry microfiber goods:
Separate microfiber items by type into designated wash & dry loads.
Keep grimy towels and applicators separate from cleaner ones.
Start by washing “cleaner” microfiber first, then finish with “grimier” items.
Machine wash microfiber goods with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and HOT water Hot water opens the fibers to better release dirt and grease.
Do not use fabric softener: fabric softeners clog microfiber and render them unabsorbent and useless.
Machine dry microfiber goods on LOW heat High heat cooks fibers, makes them hard, and then they can scratch paint.
Do not use fabric softener dryer sheets: fabric softeners clog microfiber and render them unabsorbent and useless.

Part Number  MIC29701
UPC  81133902474
Size  3" x 5" x 2" // 7.5 x 12.5 x 5 CM
Color  Orange
Edge  Inside stitched 
Lint-free  Yes 
Machine washable  Yes 
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