CHEMICAL GUYS PROPOLISH (P40 POLISH) GALLON - GAP_105, Pro Polish (P40 Polish) Gallon cuts and polishes fast on imperfections and swirls with a superior finish and no dust.

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Why Buy This Product?
One step high gloss final polish
Works great as a final step product that produces an exceptional shine
Rapidly removes light scratches, swirls, dissolves water spots and most imperfections
Great for all paints new and old
Great as a final product or a superior foundation for wax or sealants
Contains no fillers or silicones
For superior results use with a white Hex-Logic Pad



How it Works
New and improved P40 Polish cuts and polishes faster and delivers zero dust and superior perfect finish in half the time. P40 Polish is formulated using micro-fine polishing abrasive powders that rapidly and effortlessly removes imperfections, swirls and holograms. P40 Polish levels light imperfections and holograms while polishing the paint to an unbelievable shine. P40 Polish effortlessly removes 2300-3500 grit sanding scratches, holograms, compounding haze, light swirls, light imperfections and mild oxidation. P40 Polish can be used on new vehicles and new paint finishes as well as older or reconditioned paint finishes. It is 100% body shop safe. P40 contains no silicone, waxes, glazes or fillers. P40 Polish is a water-based and formulated to deliver perfect results on any paint finish. Even under the strictest lightest available, the mirror perfect finish of the Orange Lamborghini shown below is simply perfect. Just look at the perfect finish in the below posted Lamborghini Gallardo provided by friend and customer Keith of KC Premier Auto Detailing...beautiful.



Part Number GAP_105
UPC 816276010229
Size 3784ml
Top Flip cap
Grit range 2500-3500
Flaking Nominal
Silicone-free Yes
Wax-free Yes
Body shop safe Yes
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes
Intended users Professionals, enthusiasts


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