CHEMICAL GUYS REGULAR SPRAYER FOR 473ML AND 946ML BOTTLES - ACC_SPR_01, The Natural Sprayer is a professional regular sprayer that fits all our 16oz (473ml) and 32oz (946ml) bottles.

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Why Buy This Product? 
All purpose sprayer.
Can be used in all 473ML and 946MLbottles.
Switch with on and off.
Made of durable plastic.



About This Sprayer
The Chemical Guys Regular Sprayer is included with every bottle you order. This Sprayer fits on every 473ml and 946ml bottle, and can be used for all purposes. You can used it for products which are designed for interior but also for the exterior. When you use a dressing or a detailer this sprayer will take care for a smooth mist on the surface or directly on your towel / applicator. Using our products with a sprayer works much easier and faster than without an sprayer. You can dilute every product with water and then using a towel / microfiber to apply it on the surface, but with the sprayer you only need to spray a light mist on the surface and wipe it off. So why should you use a slow method of working when it can be more quickly?

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