CHEMICAL GUYS GRIT GUARD DETAILING BUCKET SEALCOVER GAMMASEAL - IAI_501 + IAI_502 + IAI_503, Grit Guard Detailing Bucket with Sealcover Gammaseal to give your vehicle a great wash.

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IAI_501 + IAI_502 + IAI_503


What's Included?
1 Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket (3.5 Gal)
1 Gamma Seal Durable Spin-Off Bucket Lid
1 Grit Guard Insert

About This Kit
The Detailing Bucket Kit comes with everything you need to give your vehicle a great wash. The Grit Guard keeps all the dirt at the bottom of the bucket so you are only using clean water to wash your vehicle. The bucket and lid are extremely durable making it easy to carry, store products and it even makes a great seat to use while detailing tires and lower regions of the vehicle.

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