CHEMICAL GUYS SIGNATURE SERIES GLASS CLEANER - CLD_202_16, Signature Series Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, without harsh smell and safe for tinted windows and glass.

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Why Buy This Product? 
Unique streak-free formula 
Great on windows, mirrors, computers, cell phones and television screens
Safe on tinted windows 
Non-toxic and ammonia-free 


How it Works
Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner is the perfect way to achieve streak-free glass, windows, and mirrors. The advanced formula is designed to easily break down dirt, dust, debris, bugs, fingerprints, and road grime in seconds. We engineered the Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner to be the world’s most advanced glass cleaner. The professional grade formula is ammonia-free; therefore there is no harsh smell. Our advanced formula is safe for tinted glass and great for cleaning interior and exterior windows. Quickly and easily achieve streak-free glass on any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and even RVs. Signature Series Glass Cleaner is also great for cleaning household and industrial windows. We designed our Signature Series Glass Cleaner to perform with ultimate versatility. We engineered our glass cleaning formula to clean plastic windshields, gauges, and navigation screens for improved visibility while driving.

Here at Chemical Guys, we believe crystal clear glass is important. Clean windows improve visibility and provide a safe driving experience. Our Signature Series Glass Cleaner quickly removes dirt, bugs, grime, and road film from your glass for a crystal clear image of the world. Simply spray a light mist to any glass surface, wipe with a premium microfiber towel, and enjoy streak-free glass. The unique formula works on any glass surface. Easily clean computer screens, LCD televisions, household windows and even plastic windscreens.

Professional Quality
Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner delivers professional quality results. Dirt and debris simply disappear with a few sprays. Our unique formula uses advanced cleaners that clean faster while also repelling dirt and dust by reducing static cling. Generic window cleaners leave streaks and can harm window tint. The advanced Signature Series Glass Cleaner formula will leave a streak-free shine and is safe for tinted windows and plastic. Experience the crystal clear image of Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

Other Sizes Available
The Window Clean Streak-Free Glass Cleaner is also available in gallon size.

Part Number CLD_202_16
UPC 816276018706
Size 16 ounces / 473ml
Top Black top with sprayer included
Ammonia-free Yes
Streak-free Yes
Safe on tinted windows Yes

How To Use:

Ready to use - no dillution necessary
Simply mist a small amount of cleaner onto towel or surface
Work over glass in a circular or side-to-side manner to remove dirt and grease
Flip over dirty side of towel to clean area and polish glass for perfect streak free results

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