CHEMICAL GUYS TORQ R5 DUAL-ACTION RED BACKING PLATE (3 INCH - 75MM), BUFLC_200 TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate minimizes heat with cool air while the plate is spinning from top ports and side slots.

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Why Buy This Product?
Premium dual-action backing plate.
High performance design that resists wear and tear.
Designed with a lower profile to reach hard to reach spots.
Evenly distribute pressure throughout the whole pad.
Connection with 5/16 thread size.


About The TORQ R5

The Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate is the most advanced backing plate for dual-action machines on the market! Designed using the most innovative custom high-density foam for a durable backing that is tear-resistant, the TORQ R5 Red Backing Plate is built to last. Not only is the backing plate durable but after rigorous testing, Chemical Guys specially engineered the TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate to contain a revolutionary R5 cold air induction system. This cold air induction system spools in cold-air and releases it into the pad during polishing to reduce heat caused by surface friction.

The TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate is designed with special mesh-hardened ABS plastic and ultra-high density flexible foam to resist any wear and tear from performing extended polishing jobs. The special mesh-hardened ABS plastic is very durable and allows the high density foam to flex enough to contour to the bends and curves of your surface. The low-profile of the TORQ R5 helps protect surfaces - especially when working close to vents, hood scoops, spoilers, and fenders.

Here are 5 reasons why the TORQ R5 Backing Plate is better than its competitors:
- R5 Cold Air Induction System constantly releases cold air into your polishing pad allowing longer lifespan and  
  providing you with more work-time when polishing.
- Advanced High Density Foam for ultimate durability.
- More grips on the hook-and-loops for unmatched gripping power on all pads.
- Lightweight for ease of maneuverability.
- Reticulated edges for fast and easy removal of pads without damaging or ripping.

Built and Designed with Performance in Mind
Here at Chemical Guys we are all fanatics for cars and motorsports, we specially designed the R5 Dual-Action Backing Plates with the same concept as drilled & slotted brake rotors that you find on modern high-performance race cars. Often times those cars are traveling well over 100mph and need to brake fast around corners and turns. The design behind drilled & slotted rotors is that heat gets evenly distributed thoroughly and cools down faster to prevent any brake failures. We took that same design and incorporated it into the R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate to cool down the pads faster and prevent any damaging wear & tear on the pad.

The TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate minimizes the heat transfer by pulling in the cool air while the plate is spinning from the top ports and side slots. The constant airflow is then released via the center screw and the outer openings cooling the pad that is attached on the plate.

Advanced High Density Foam
The TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plate utilizes an adaptive high density foam that bends, molds, contours, and adapts to variable surfaces with great ease to deliver perfect results every time. The innovative design of R5 Backing Plate was aimed for the professionals, factories, and OEM grade so it can resist the harshest use and abuse.

All of the TORQ R5 Dual-Action Backing Plates are reinforced with Inner Stability-Struts, these stability struts are constructed utilizing steel struts that are bolted into the center hub to give the backing plate stability while maintaining a great even surface for pads.

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