CHEMICAL GUYS ULTRA PLUSH MICRO-COTTON MICROFIBER DETAILING TOWELS 40X60CM - MIC_1024_1, Ultra Plush Microfiber Detailing Towel has 2 sides. Side 1 for waxes and sealants. Side for carrying away dirt from any surface.

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Why Buy This Product?

Heavy weight micro-cotton microfiber
Complete with two sides
Tight knit side perfect for waxes and sealants
Thick side perfect for buffing
Lint-free and scratch-free
Superior drying ability
100% machine washable

About This Towel
The Ultra Plush Mirco-Cotton Microfiber Towel is a heavy duty super premium absorbency microfiber towel. The superior detailing power of cotton is combined with the softness and scratch-free perfect results of microfiber, this is micro-cotton. By embedding cotton into the towel combined with a premium 70/30 microfiber weave, this towel delivers scratch-free absorption unlike anything you have used before. This thick microfiber towel was engineered using long-thick-loop technology and 400,000 premium fibers per square inch to deliver maximum softness. The Ultra Plush towel also features silk banded edges which ensure it will never scratch your paint.

Keep Your Towels Clean
Keep your microfiber towels at the peak of their softness and performance with Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate. If used regularly, Microfiber Wash will retain and restore microfiber softness and protect your microfiber towels keeping them soft and absorbent.

Part Number MIC_1024_1
UPC 816276013404
Size 17" x 24"
Color Gray
Edge Silk banded
Lint-free Yes
Machine washable Yes
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