CHEMICAL GUYS WATER SPOT RX - SPI_886_16, Hard Water Spot RX to be agitated with a clean microfiber towel. Water Spots dissolve and remove with ease.

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Why Buy This Product?
Removes hard water stains from glass and windows.
Can be applied by hand or by machine.
Unique micro abrasives break down stains.
Follow with sealant protection to prevent future water spots.

How it Works
are caused by mineral deposits in water that can etch in to your paint, especially when your vehicle is in direct sun. Remove the mineral deposits and light etchings used to be extremely difficult because it typically involves high speed buffing and cutting polishes. However technological breakthrough have provided us with safer and simpler solutions. The Chemical Guys Water Spot Rx is a safe way to quickly remove those nasty looking watermarks. Spray the watermarks and then gently agitate the surface with a soft and clean microfiber towel. The marks should dissolve and remove with ease. Stop starring at those horrible looking watermarks and start enjoying a deep and glossy clear coat again with the Water Spot Rx Also works wonders on glass!

Restores Gloss and Shine
Hard water stains
can cause dull spots on your glass which drastically reduces gloss and clarity. Water spots can layer, causing your vehicle's finish to appear neglected. Often times, detailers have to use hard compounds to remove water spots. Water Spot Rx is designed to gently and safely removes water spots for crystal clear results. Having crystal clear glass not only improves the look of your vehicle, it greatly improves your visibility while driving. A windshield covered in water spots is not only unsightly, it is dangerous.

Micro Abrasive Technology
Water spots
are a car enthusiast’s worst nightmare. You park your freshly washed car outside just to discover that your neighbor’s sprinklers have completely ruined your perfect detail job. The water spots have baked in the sun and are now unable to be removed with regular washing. Water Spot Rx is an advanced water spot remover that is the perfect solution to your water spot problems. The unique micro abrasives attack the calcium and sodium stains and eliminate them permanently. In just a matter of minutes, Water Spot Rx attacks nasty calcium stains restoring the gloss back to your vehicle’s glass.

Hand and Machine Application
The water-based formula of Water Spot Rx can be applied by hand or machine to tackle even the most challenging water spots removal jobs. The liquid formula is designed to cling to the surface while micro abrasives break down any surface mineral contamination to achieve a flawless finish. Simply apply a few drops of Water Spot Rx to a microfiber applicator pad or machine polisher and gently work into the surface. The ultra fine micro abrasives work to permanently eliminate the mineral contamination.

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