CHEMICALGUYS.EU DECON IPA ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANSING FLUID 1000 ML - SPI_401_1000, D-Con IPA Isopropyl Alcohol is a Pre-treatment for sealants, waxes and Ceramic coatings.

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Why buy this product?
Remove oil-rests after polishing.
Remove glue-rests
99% pure IPA.
No rests or streaks left behind.
Pretreatment for wax, sealants or Sio2 / Quartz / Ceramic coatings

About this product
Due to the high purity of 99%, isopropyl alcohol is very serviceable. Apply generously, let it cure and wipe off with a clean and dry microfiber towel.

Isopropyl alcohol also called IPA, 2-propanol or isopropanol alcohol is an excellent degreaser for improving the adhesion of sealants, waxes and coatings. Isopropyl alcohol has a wide range of applications due to its rapid evaporation, and the good dissolvation of grease. A major advantage is that it does not damage plastic trim parts. Isopropyl alcohol can be used safely on glass, paint, vinyl, metal, rubber and leather. Does not leave any rests on the surface after application.

Pre-treatment for sealants, waxes and Sio2 / Quartz / Ceramic coatings
Removes grease layer from car windows
Glue-rest removal
Removies oil-rests from polishing compounds
Cleans glass
Defrosting (and cleaning) of car windows
Cleaning / Disinfecting (detailing) equipment

Not suitable for consumption.
Isopropyl alcohol is also a superb disinfectant.
Always use protectional gloves when applying Isopropyl Alcohol!

SKU SPI_400_1000
Pureness 99%
Color Transparent
Size 1000ml
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