CHEMICALGUYS.EU DECON LIGHT PRE CLEANER DE IRONIZER 500ML - SPI_400_500, DeCon Light is the ultimate light cleaner & de ironizer that removes particles brakedust and corrosive deposits.

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Why Buy This Product?
Removes iron particles and corrosive deposits from paint and glass.
Easy to use.
It works SAFE & FAST
This product is being used after washing and prior to the claying stage.
pH balanced.
Cleans very well.
Also available in 946ML and GALLON 5000ML

D-CON LIGHT What is it?
D-CON LIGHT is a Pre - Cleaner & De – Ironizer that helps to remove stubborn particles from paint and glass surfaces. Often after washing you think your car is clean, but when you glide with your fingers over the paint it feels rough, not clean at all. Road grime, treesap, rests of bugsquash, industria fallout and flyrust can sit on the paint and when long enough also can harm your paint. Detailers among you know that you can use a Claybar and Luber to clean this contamination off paint and glass. With D-CON LIGHT there is another way the helps to remove Road grime, treesap, rests of bugsquash, industria fallout and flyrust, and its safe and effictive to use.

Ideally we advise first to snowfoam your car, truck or RV. Then wash with the 2 bucket method and rinse well afterwards. If you like to dry the vehicle first you can, however D-CON LIGHT can be applied to a wet surface also. Then, when you feel there is oxidation left on the paint and glass surface you spray a light mist of D-CON :LIGHT over the surface. We advise to cure 1 a 2 minutes, the ingredients will react with iron (metal) deposits and will tend to color dark red. When this is the case then you rinse off thoroughly with water and dry afterwards with your favourite Chemical Guys drying towel. When you now feel with your fingers over the surface a large part of road grime, treesap, rests of bugsquash, industrial fallout and flyrust has been removed, so even when you need to clay the minor oxidation rests you have to clay much less and this will save a lot of time on your detailjob. Here is where D-CON LIGHT is WINNING, its a SAFE TIMESAVER for pre – cleaning any vehicle’s paint or glass surface. 

The characteristics
The cool Aqua – Blue color which changes to dark red while curing. Ready to use, pull the trigger and spray away to get great cleaning – results. Available in 946ml and 5000ml

About This Product
D – CON LIGHT is the ultimate pre – cleaner and de – ironizer that removes stubborn ferrous particles, deposits and oxidation from paint and glass that have built up over time. Harmful particles containing iron can penetrate your car’s paint and through time may cause damage which is traditionally difficult to remove. D-CON LIGHT is great to use prior to the claying stage since it removes a significant amount of contamination present on the paint and glass surface by that stage. D-CON LIGHT reacts with iron deposits and changes color as it begins to bond within 1 a 2 minutes and in this highlight the loosened contamination. After the 1 a 2 minutes curing time it is forming a liquid that can be easily rinsed off with water (pressure washer) to remove it from the surface and dry the rests with your favourite Chemical Guys microfiber towel.

How to use
Spray a light mist on the paint and glass surface.
Let it cure for 5-10 minutes, the color will change to purple.
When the paint surface is really dirty we recommended to use a Wheel Wedge (mesh side)
Rinse the D-CON LIGHT of from the surface.
Dry the wheels with a Microfiber Drying Towel.



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Safe on clearcoat


Non-acid based


Non-caustic based


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