CHEMICALGUYS ULTRA BRIGHT XL INSPECTION LIGHT - EQP400, Ultra Bright XL is a rechargeable detailing inspection light that illuminates your detail with clear and crisp LED light.

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Why buy this product
Detect hidden scratches and swirls.
See your perfect, flawless finish when polishing.
Detail at all hours of the day.
Light up dark cracks and crevices.
Illuminate your interior for the ultimate clean.

About this product
Ultra Bright XL is a rechargeable detailing inspection light that illuminates your detail with clear and crisp LED light for detecting imperfections while polishing, or for illuminating hard-to-reach places around the car.

Unlimited Uses Around Your Car
Think you have the perfect polish? Think again! Small scratches and surface imperfections aren’t visible in plain sight or even strong garage light, but ruin the finish of a fresh polishing job. The Ultra Bright XL reveals hidden scratches, swirls, and other paint imperfections when polishing, so your paint is truly perfect. After your polish, use it to effortlessly light up foot wells, engine bays, under seats, trunks, wheel wells, and cracks and crevices for the ultimate interior and exterior detail!

Ultra Bright XL: The Slim Light With Wide Illumination
The Ultra Bright XL provides a full range of brightness with a simple turn of the knob. The 6.5” LED strip emits 430 lumens of broad and even light to effortlessly illuminate extra-large surface areas. Attach the light to any metal surface using the magnetic base, then adjust the angle of illumination with the pivot ball joint, or simply hang the light with the metal hook for hands-free use.

Crisp White Light for Polishing Perfection
Say goodbye to Dad’s old flashlight that emits dim, yellow light: the Ultra Bright XL emits a clear, crisp, white light that makes paint inspection easy! The ultra-slim and lightweight design makes it easy to fit anywhere easily and conveniently. Use it on both the interior and exterior, and then simply plug it in for quick recharging!

UPC 842850103254
Rechargeable Yes
Lumen 430
LED strip length 16.5 cm
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Fit in Mailbox N/A
Fit in digital stamp N/A
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