D - CON V3 WHEELCLEANER & DE - IRONIZER KIT (4 ITEMS) - HOL_125, D - Con V3 is the beloved Wheelcleaner and De – Ironizer today! Make it complete with accessories in 1 kit!

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Why Buy This Product?
Easy to use kit that combines everything needed for the perfect wheelcleaning job.
Clean dirt, grime and brakedust safe and efficient.
Choose D – Con V3 for heavy duty cleaning.
Agitate dirt, oxidation and brakedust with Hedgehog Wheelbrush or Wheelwedge.
Always rinse with water afterwards.
Dry with Grey Workhorse Microfiber Towel.

D - Con V3 is the beloved Wheelcleaner and De – Ironizer today!
Then what better way to make it complete with the accessories you might consider in 1 kit?

Therefore we analysed the working – methods our customers like most and chose  the next items for the D – Con V3 Complete wheelcleaning Kit.

What’s included?
1 D – Con V3 946ML
   (check the complete product – description here)
1 The Hedgehog Wheelbrush
   (a long and gentle wheelbrush that perfectly cleans wheelbeds and the tight areas between the spokes)
1 Microfiber Wheel Wedge / Wheel Mitt Grey
   (a compact mitt, with a microfiber and mesh side, that makes you reach the hard to reach areas)
1 Workhorse Grey Microfiber Towel 40 x 40cm
   (a solid towel to dry your wheels after rinsing)

Kit value EUR 53,80
Kit price EUR 48,95
You save EUR 4,85

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