DETAILING TROLLEY (TOOL CART) XL POWER PLUG OUTLET - ACC_XX9_5, Detailing Trolley (Tool Cart) XL Powerplug Outlet is perfect to connect all your electric gear. .

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Power Plug Outlet for Detailing Trolley XL
Perfect to power 5 230V electrical tools when detailing
Solid built to the Detailing Trolley XL
Easy to built to the Dteailing Trolley XL (see video) (materials included)
Ideal to plug in a Polisher, LED Light, Ozon Generator, Sanding Machine, Heatgun etc etc



Extra Items
To make your detailing job a lot easier and faster we decided to offer some extra accessories for your Detailing Trolley, like the Detailing Trolley XL Trashbin and the Detailing Trolley XL Bottle Insert and the Detailing Trolley Antislip Mat.

The Detailing Trolley XL Trashbin is perfect to throw all your trash away without moving to the other side of the hall / workshop. Or what about dirty towels? You can use the trashbin also as a laundry basket for your dirty towels

Bottle Insert
The Detailing Trolley XL Bottle Insert is perfect for who uses the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Sprayer Bottle or products in a 32oz./946ml bottle like the V-Line Polishes XL or the D-Con Wheel Cleaner V2 XL. Simply attach the bottle insert on the side of your cart and store more bottles than regularly.

Antislip Mat
The Detailing Trolley XL Antislip Mat is perfect to stabilize your products. Simply place this Antislip Mat in one of the layers where you store your products, bottles, accessories and other detailing tools and be sure that these hold their place while you are moving your trolley. 

Power Plug Outlet for Detailing Trolley XL
This power plug outlet is perfect to work with electrical devices like a Polisher, Sander, LED Light etc etc or to charge your phone :). Simple built the Power Plug Outlet to side of the Detailing Trolley XL and start detailing.

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Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
Fit in digital stamp No
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