CarCare24.eu - 405_418, The Flex VC 21 L MC is a professional water vacuumer cleaner which is perfect for intensive and heavy duty use.

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Why buy this product?
Professional vacuumer.
Easy to use.
Easy to take with you.
Very powerful suction which makes it’s perfect for extraction.
Suitable for extensive commercial or heavy - duty use.
Equipped with a socket and electronic on – and off – switch.

About this product
The Flex VC 21 L MC is a professional vacuum cleaner which is perfect for intensive and heavy - duty use. Inside this Flex VC 21 L MC there is an extremely powerful turbine which creates high suction – power which is great for an excellent extraction – result. On the front – top – end you will find an extra socket which you can use for other electronic tools which are handy to use before / after vacuuming your car’s interior.

Also with liquids you still can be using this Flex VC 21 L MC since it is equipped with a built – in float. This vacuumer also can be used as a blower to blow dust from any surface. Inside you will find a rugged fleece filter especially designed for maximum capacity and dust – removal. The Flex VC 21 L MC has a built in level – sensor which keeps it in function while working with liquids.

On the front side of the vacuum cleaner is a socket which allows the use with electronic tools. Even when you need to suck some liquids you can use the Flex VC 21 L MC, because of the built-in float. This vacuum cleaner has also a blow function for blowing the dirt of the surface. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter bag made of rugged fleece for maximum volume capacity and trouble-free dust removal.

Like always, we recommend to read the instruction manual which comes with the Flex VC 21 L MC which makes you getting to know all possibilities and technologies of this professional vacuumer.

What’s Included with this FLEX VC 21 L MC Vacuumer

1 x Suction hose Ø 32 MM x 3.5 M with “elbow”.
1 x Filter - element Class L/M.
2 x 0.5 M aluminum suction - tube.
1 x Switchable combi – floor - nozzle.
1 x Round brush.
1 x Nozzle for crevices.
1 x Carpet nozzle.
1 x Filter Bag.
1 x PP waste disposal bag.
1 x Tube Holder.
1 x Cable Hook.
1 x Rubber adapter.



Power Consumption

1250 watt

Container – Capaacity

20 L

Max. Airflow

3600 l/min

Max. Under Pressure

210 Pa

Automatic Switch


Filter Cleaning

Semi Automatic

Dust Class

Dustclass L

Hose length

3.5 Meter


7.4 Kg


387 x 377 x 506 mm

Part Number


WEEE – Number



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