CarCare24.eu, BUF_002, Backing - plate for Flex XC 3401 VRG, the "gear-driven" design delivers true even dual-action motion while reducing vibration.

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Why Buy This Product? 
4 Inch replacement backing - plate for Flex XC 3401 VRG
Allows you to use 4" pads
Creates forced rotation
OEM factory replacement for the original backing - plate
Reduce vibration

How it Works
This backing - plate is designed to replace the original backing - plate for the Flex XC 3401 VRG. It allows you to use 4 inch pads with your Flex polisher. Designed by Flex specially for this polisher, the 4 inch backing - plate features a "gear-driven" design that delivers a true dual-action motion. The OEM Flex backing - plate is designed to reduce vibration while providing even motion and buffing. This backing - plate is made of durable molded plastic with a urethane pad to dampen vibration and heat. Hook and loop fasteners cover the bottom of the plate from edge to edge. 

Changing the Backing - plate
1. Hold down the black locking button on the top of your Flex machine
    to prevent the backing - plate from spinning.
2. Once locked, loosen and remove the screw. 
3. Lift the backing - plate up, away from the gears.
4. Set the new backing - plate in, making sure it is properly lined up
    with the vertical slot in the backing - plate.
5. Lightly tighten the screw. 
6. Push down the black locking clip again and tighten the screw. 

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