GALLON HAND PUMP - EASY WAY TO PUMP PRODUCT OUT OF GALLON PACKAGING - ACC_118, Gallon Pump is the easy way to pump your favorite Chemical Guys product out of a gallon and into bottle.

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Why buy this product
Easy dosing of Chemical Guys cleaner and degreasers that can be diluted.
Fits perfectly on a gallon – packaging.
Avoid waste of the product.
Easy to dilute products as desired.

About this product
The hand that fits perfectly on a Chemical Guys gallon - packaging is ideal for detailers who want to easily dilute Chemical Guys cleaners and degreasers. For example, you could use the hand pump on a gallon of Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser. You can dilute this product 1 to 20. 25 ml comes out with 1 press on the hand pump. This would mean that with 2 pumps in a Chemical Guys Professional Chemical Resistant Dilution Spray Bottle of 946 ml you have the perfect dilution when you fill the rest of the bottle with water. You do not only dilute your products accurately, but also without waste. It works fast, simple and clean, exactly how we like it.

How to use
Unscrew the current gallon cap.
Make a hole in the gallon cap of 22mm.  
Turn the hand pump on the gallon pump and fit the tube “through”,
Screw the assembly on the gallon, press the hand pump and go!

Part number ACC_118
Color White
To be mounted on 38/400 thread
Material Plastic
More Information
Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
Fit in digital stamp No
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