GRIT GUARD WASHBOARD INSERT (FOR DETAILING BUCKET) (BLACK) - IAI_503_WB, Grit Guard Washboard is a vertical part with ribs to extract the finest dirt and particles from your washmitt, sponge or brush.

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Why buy this product?
Fits perfectly to the Grit Guard Insert.
Connects with your Grit Guard Insert.
Scrubbing and washing pads and washmitts made easier with the vertical ribs.
Solid and strong construction.
Note; The Grit Guard Washboard comes without bucket and Grit Guard Insert etc…

How does it work?
Together with the Grit Guard Insert, this Grit Guard Washboard is the new next step in proper washing.
It is a vertical part of special designed ribs to extract the finest dirt and particles from your washmitt, sponge  or brush. Scrubbing the washmitt, sponge  or brush over the Grit Guard Washboard releases trapped particles which potentially can scratch your paint. The released dirt and grit sink tot he bottom of the bucket where the Grit Guard Insert (we recommend this, please note it is not included) keeps it. Wash right from the start with Grit Guard!

Grit Guard Washboard & Grit Guard Insert

The Grit Guard Washboard works together with the Grit Guard Insert in your wash bucket and seperates grit from your washmitt, sponge  or brush. Please note, this is not the Grit Guard Insert, with that it has no flat surface to collect and trap dir tand particles with. Contamination is being extracted from the washmitt, sponge  or brush when you rub them against the Grit Guard Washboard. Using the Grit Guard Washboard together with the Grit Guard Insert you are sure your washmitt, sponge  or brush is clean every time you take fresh water.

Protect your paint

The potential damaging dirt, debris and particles will settle in the bucket’s bottom, and with that it stays away from your washmitt, sponge  or brush and also from your paint. This easy and cheap tool if very effective and protects your paint being scratched and damaged from swirls, wash marks etc…

Does the Grit Guard Washboard fit my bucket?

The Grit Guard Washboard fits most common 3,5, 4,5 and 5 gallon carwash and detailing buckets.

Part Number  IAI_503_WB
UPC  -
Size  26,5 x 22,5 cm
Color Black
Material  Plastic 
Carwash resistant Yes
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