Carcare24.eu, 7302510, Kovax Assilex Sandpaper 600 grit 77mm with special grain structure, sand efficient and dry with uniform sanding result.

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Innovative latex backing.
Unique grain structure.
Up to 50% time saving.
No scuffing compounds needed.
Dry sanding, no water needed.    

About this product
The innovative latex backing and the unique grain structure result in extremely uniform and shallow scratches.
Maximum control during primer and topcoat sanding allows up to 50% time saving. Super Assilex prevents potential problems in the rest of the sanding process.

Super Assilex is the perfect sanding medium that provides speed, uniform coverage and extremely shallow sanding pattern. It prevents irregular scratches caused by Non-woven products or the risk of over-sanding caused by standard abrasive sheets. No Scuffing Compounds needed, no color residues to clean-up.

Assilex is the better alternative for traditional scuffing methods and conventional abrasive discs. The most significant difference lies in the grain structure, which enables you to sand much more efficient and above all leaves a uniform sanding result. Assilex is used without having to add any water or pastes and is therefore also a very clean solution. These special aspects make Assilex unique and allow for labour time savings of approximately 30 up to 50%! Assilex is used for sanding (polyester-) putty, primer, blending zones and as a final step before applying the basecoat.


SKU 7302510
Grit 600
Size 77mm
Quantity 50 pack
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