Carcare24.eu, 1951535, Kovax Buflex dry sandpaper black 2000 grit maintains the structure of the clear coat with fine uniform sanding which is clean and efficient to use.

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Why buy this product
Maintain the structure of the clear coat.
Uniform sanding.
Reduce polishing - time with 30-40%.
Clean and efficient.
Significantly reduction of time and costs.


About this product
Buflex differentiates itself because it maintains the structure of the clear coat. Other sanding products will remove parts of the structure of the clear coat. Buflex maintains the structure of the paint. Because of this, nobody will see where the repaired section has been.

Another great advantage of Buflex is its uniform sanding. Due to a special Buflex Dry Pad, the sanding scratches of Buflex dry are so fine that you need considerable less polishing time to reduce these final sanding scratches.   

The Buflex dry system is a clean system; it is not necessary to clean the surface first before you can see the sanding result. This means you can work much more efficient and it prevents sanding through the clear coat.

Part Number 1951535
Grit Range  2000
Size 125 mm  
Color Green


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