Carcare24.eu, FLEXPAD1, Kovax Flexpad Pink adapts to surfaces to deliver even results, great for removing scratches, water spots and restoring headlights.

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Why Buy This Product?
Easy grip flexible sanding block
Self-adhesive sanding sheets can be applied to gray side
Easily bends and flexes to adapt to changing surfaces
Removes scratches, restores headlights and removes water spots

How it Works
The Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block is an easy to hold sanding system with a pliable gray side for self-adhesive sanding sheets. This sanding block easily bends and flexes to adapt to changing surfaces and gradients to deliver superior, even results. This sanding block is great for removing scratches, restoring headlights and removing water spots. The unique dry sanding and polishing system combines an ultra-flexible permeable latex membrane that enables sanding sheets to adhere to it using a flexible self-adhesive peel and stick system.

Water Sanding Systems
 Super Fine Cut 3000 Grit Light Cut 2500 Grit   Pink Sanding Block
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Fit in Mailbox N/A
Fit in digital stamp N/A
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