Carcare24.eu, FLEX_SHEETS_UL_3, Kovax Flexpad Sheets Black are aggressive (not too) and leaves a fine and uniform sanding scratch at the same time.

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Why Buy This Product?
Super fine 3000 grit sanding sheets
Removes scratches, restores headlights and removes water spots
Self-adhesive peel and stick system
Adhere to a Water Sanding Block

How it Works
The Super Fine 3000 Grit Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets is a pack of three sanding sheets that adhere to sanding blocks to remove scratches, restore headlights and remove water spots. These sheets adhere to sanding blocks using a peel and stick system making it easy to use and replace as needed. The Super Fine 3000 Grit Sanding Sheets are ideal for paint scratches and surface imperfections and also for dull and sun damaged headlights. Scratches are easily polished away using these sanding sheets along with a fine finishing polish.

Hyper Flex Sanding System
The Hyper Flex Sanding System has a uniform sanding pattern design that greatly reduces the need to compound, achieving the best finish in the shortest time. The Hyper Flex Sanding System adapts to the surface you are working with, the multi-pore flexible construction of the flex backing is easily pliable for sanding irregular surfaces.

Water Sanding Systems
 Super Fine Cut 3000 Grit Light Cut 2500 Grit   Pink Sanding Block
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Fit in digital stamp N/A
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