CarCare24.eu, 7302000, Kovax Yellow Film 2000 grit 75mm creates good adhesion in blending zones and removes orange peel.

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Why buy this product?
More contact with sanding surface.
Special coating prevents heat - development and burning marks on the disc.
High durability.
A perfect and invisible transition from new to old clear coat.
Free middle plate included!


About this product
Yellow Film creates good adhesion in the blending zones and removes orange peel. 

Consequently, there will be an invisible transition from the new to the old layer of clear coat.   

The special coating prevents heat development and burning marks to occur on the disc as a result of that. This prevents damages or sanding through the clear coat. Moreover, the disc fills less quickly, which lengthens the durability of the disc. 

Remark: When starting with sanding, it takes some seconds before the disc actually starts to sand. This is to enable the special coating to have an optimal effect. 

Yellow Film also consists of a film back. This contributes to the flexibility and aggressiveness of the disc. Because the sanding grain remains on the film back (in comparison to a conventional paper disc, where the grain is pushed into the paper back while putting pressure on it during sanding), the grain maintains its sanding action considerably longer. This greatly enhances its durability.


Part Number 7302000
Grit Range  2000
Size 75 mm
Color Yellow 
Middle Plate Included Yes

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