KRAUSS R3 MINI ROTARY POLISHER - BUF_100.6.1, The Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher is the perfect compact polisher to work on smaller surfaces.

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Why Buy This Product?
Mini rotary Polisher.
Very good polishing – results.
75mm (3 inch) backing – plate or smaller is ideal to work on smaller surfaces and hard to reach areas.
Removes wash – marks, scratches swirls and many more paint – imperfections.
900 Watt Power.
Budget – friendly.
For professionals and enthusiasts.

About this product
The Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher is the perfect compact polisher to work on smaller surfaces. In line with the No Swirls regular Dual Action Polishers, the S08, S15 and S21 large throw Dual Action Polishers now the programme is completed with the Mini Rotary Polisher to work on small and / or hard to reach areas. The 900W motor runs smoothly and operates with a soft – start. This ensures that (also overuse) of polish will used gentle without flying around the working – space. This Mini Rotary Polisher is great for removing scratches, swirls and hologrammes on rear – bumpers, doorsteps, grilles and many more small surfaces. This generation of Mini Rotary Polisher is getting more affordable and we are proud to present you the No Swirls! Mini Rotary Polisher.

How does it work
This throw can be set from 700 – 2500 RPM. Imagine how many movements are being made with this coverage!. The outcome is nothing short than amazing, in combination with a polishing or light - cutting Hex - Logic – Pad and a V34 or V32 Hybrid Compound you are able to remove for example (difficult) scratches and swirls from ceramic clear - coated paint (known as hard paint) in maybe only 1 pass (1 pass: forth and back in vertical direction + forth and back in horizontal direction). Finish off with the V36 Hybrid Polish on a finishing Hex Logic Pad (like blue) with another pass and you´ll see a corrected and bright surface, just like you desired. This means you can correct OEM - ceramic – clear coat - painted cars like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and many more in less time than working traditionally with the rotary – buffer and DA – polisher.

Ergonomically shaped
The Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher is foolproof to handle, the design is 100% safe, fast, easy to use and ergonomically shaped. There is not any part of the design that can be a discussion about on how to use it. The speed – setting is design on the back position so you can’t ,misuse it with your thumb while working. The front – end is designed with a slim – tail which is perfectly shaped for your second hand to hold comfortable and steer / maneuver it exactly where you want this Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher to go over the small surface and deliver the best paint – correction possible. The Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher can additional be supplied with a large and solid bag which makes you stock your accessories in as well, like your machine pads, backing - plates, polishes, microfiber - towels  and many more.

Speed - zones
The Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher is supplied with 6 speed zones which makes it ideal for every job, from polishing on swirls and hologram’s to applying your favorite waxes and sealants. Every speed – setting is being controlled by a slow – start – system. This let’s you control the build – up of speed easily and makes that product – sling of compound / polish can technically not happen anymore.

What is "Cruise Control"?
This is a build in system that assures a constant setup of polishing power under all circumstances...
With no, little or much pressure,  "Cruise Control" makes the power run equally over the surface, so no
falling back in revs anymore!

What comes with the Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher
1" M14 backing plate
2" M14 backing plate
3" M14 backing plate
1x Extension bar 80mm M14
1x Extension bar 40mm M14
Tool to re – assembly the backing – plate.
Extra set of cole – brushes.
2x Blue 3" pads
2x Red 3" pads
2x Green 3" pads
2x Orange 3" pads
2x Orange 3" microfiber pads
2x 3" wool pads
2x Blue 2" pads
2x Red 2" pads
2x Green 2" pads
2x Orange 2" pads
2x Orange 2" microfiber pads
2x 3" wool pads
2x Blue 1" pads
2x Red 1" pads
2x Green 1" pads
2x Orange 1" pads
2x Orange 1" microfiber pads
2x 1" wool pads
1x Krauss R3 Mini Rotary Polisher
Multi – language instruction – manual.
2 years guarantee.
An additional large travel – bag can be ordered separately which can carry a lot more like polishes, towels, applicators etc…

Voltage 230VAC/50-60Hz
WEEE Number DE81155270
Power Consumption 900W
Variable Speed 700-2500min
Thread Connection M14
Ø backing plate 15mm - 80mm
Max. Ø polishing pad 125mm
Slow – Start Yes
CSC (Constant Speed Control) Yes
Safety (isolation) class 2
Weight (without power cord) 1.9kg
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 2 years
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