Carcare24.eu, 2975606, Mirka OSP 4 is a step-by-step finishing net disc system to quickly and easily create a perfect achieved end result.

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MIRKA OSP 4 FINISHING NET DISC 150 MM is available to buy in increments of 1
Why buy this product?
Easy numbered step system.
Net system, so no clogging up dust.
Dry sanding.

As the name suggests the Optimized Sanding Process targets the entire process and this is an important factor.

As well as maximizing the performance of every individual phase of the sanding process each step has also been optimized to work perfectly with all the other steps. Mirka’s  OSP abrasives are clearly marked with numbers telling about which sanding disc or strip should be used for each step.

Number 1 is used for paint removal.
Number 2 for feather edge (prepare paint for primer to prevent a rough edge, sand each layer until smooth).
Number 3 for preparing the repaired area for primer by reducing scratches and expanding the feather edge.
Number 4 for finalizing the sanding process.

Mirka's  OSP system is a step-by-step system that allows you to quickly and easily create a perfect achieved end result. A standardized process with fewer sanding steps than a conventional system. The use of "Net" abrasive products in combination with the Mirka machines gives you as a user advantages that cannot be achieved with a conventional abrasive system. The OSP system is aggressive enough to remove paint but not so aggressive that it deeply scratches the ground. In addition the surface remains dust - free what gives a better visual control of your work and a healthier working environment. But the most important difference is that the "Net" abrasive products do not fill up. This is why material and costs are saved.

Available in 77mm discs and 70mm x 198mm strips.

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