NEW BIG FAT LARGE CARCARE24 BUCKET STICKER (DECAL) - LAB_101_NEW, Dress your bucket or buckets with this awesome new Chemical Guys bucket sticker (decal)

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Why buy this product?
The absolute wanna have as a finishing detail for each detailer
Manufactures from all-weather vinyl
Finished with laminate which protects against damage
The best way to show that you use premium foods is available from Chemical Guys


About the product

Are you a part of the Chemical Guys Family? If you carry the same care to your car as we do, when detailing is your passion, if your customers are very satisfied with your results, if you would like to learn more and more about the subject, when you share your expertise with others, when you wake up and would like to start again with a detail job, when you like to just looking out for the perfect shine, if you appreciate the thumbs up of other drivers etc. that looks very much like you are in the right place at Chemical Guys . Chemical Guys is a lifestyle that you share with friends and relatives. Support our passion and show your pride of Chemical Guys. Where you stick it on?

Please note, this item concerns only the bucket - sticker, and will be supplied without the bucket.


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Fit in Mailbox N/A
Fit in digital stamp N/A
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