NEW CHEMICAL GUYS FLOOR POS DISPLAY - DIS217, Chemical Guys POS Displays are perfect for you to store and show off the autodetailing favorite stuff to your customers.

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Why buy this product?
Made of solid and thick cardboard.
A big header on top with a big Chemical Guys Skull Logo.
Equipped with 4 stories which can take 10 pcs of 16 oz bottles.
Great for dressing up your detailing studio, garage, shop etc…

Show off, listen, advice truely, demo and have fun with your customer...

Finally the P(oint)-O(f)-P(resentation) Chemical Guys Displays are here...
Perfect for showing your customer the favorite autodetailing chemicals and supplies. The POP-Display is made out of solid and thick cardboard which is finished in a black colour... On top a big header (comes with the package) can be assembled which is finished with a big white Chemical Guys - Skull - Logo for drawing maximumm attention. The POP-Display is equipped with 4 stories which can take 10 pcs of 16oz-bottles eacht... This means you can show and display in every POP-Display a maximum of 40 bottles of  carwash-chemicals and autodetailing supplies...  Of course this POP-Display is great for dressing up your detailing studio, garage, shop etc... But as well for to take to meet-and-greet of car-clubs, events, virtually anywhere you want to go and  demo your favorite detailing products. After taking off the header it will easily fit in the back-seat of most popular cars out there... Now some stock in the trunk and off you go... 

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