NEXPTG PAINT THICKNESS GAUGE ECONOMIC - 5906874578469, NexPTG Paint Thickness Gauge is  wireless with Bluetooth Technology functions with your mobile device phone.

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Why Buy This Product?
Value for money.
Integrated FE (ferrous) probe.
Battery up to 100 hours.
Auto-Off Function.
Calibration discs included.
Memory - Function (4000 Readings).
Android and iOS App.
2 Years Warranty.

Advantages of Bluetooth connection
NexPTG devices are the most innovative wireless thickness gauges on the market. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth Technology, all measurements are sent directly to the mobile device. NexPTG has a dedicated application. You can install to any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. Dedicated application will allow you to test the paint coat with accuracy and precision.

Innovative Features
10 Measurements per second.
Free Android and Ios Application Updates.
Bluetooth 4.0 LE communication with the Android or Ios Application.
Multilingual menu. EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, NO, RU, TR and CZ languages.
Automatic Shutdown when no activity.
Battery Time 100 hours max!

About this product
The NEXPTG Thickness Gauge shows the paint thickness on the surface to be measured exactly. Whether a car is resprayed or repaired will be told with this tool. Suitable for any metal surface (Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc). This device automatically detects whether it is a magnetic (Ferrous) or non - magnetic (Non - Ferrous) metal surface. The thickness will be shown on the IOS or Android device instantly of the measured value in each position. The meter is calibrated at the factory. Subsequent calibration can be supplied with the calibration / substrates.

The NEXPTG Paint Thickness Gauge offers an IOS or Android app and automatically stores the last 4000 measurements in it's memory.

The NEXPTG Paint Thickness Gauge is an ideal tool for verifying the thickness of paint on new and used vehicles, making it easy to identify damage and repair - work in all types of conditions.

The NEXPTG Paint Thickness Gauge is suitable for Detailing, Restyling and Coolission Repair work at body shops, detailers or any company requiring a accurate measurement.

What included with the NEXPTG Paint Thickness Gauge
2 Calibration plates.
Two substrates (iron / aluminum). 
4x battery 1.5 V (AA) alkaline. 
Case / Box

Technical Data
Range: 0-1000 micron(s). 
Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 LE 
Accuracy: ± (0-1 / 0-10 microns). 
Memory: 4000 readings.
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AA battery.
Weight: 57 gr.
Dimensions: 108 x 50 x 28 mm.
Warranty: 2 Years

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Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
Fit in digital stamp No
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