PROFESSIONAL HEADLIGHT RESTORATION GLASSYLITE KIT - HLRK, Professional Headlight Restoration Glassylite Kit, perfect products for restoring yellowed headlights.

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    Why Buy This Headlight Restoration Kit?
    Easy grip flexible sanding block.
    Self-adhesive Kovax Tolecut sanding sheets in
    2000, 2500 and 3000 grit can be applied to gray side.
    Easily bends and flexes to adapt to changing surfaces.
    V - Line of Compounds and Polishes for surface - correcting and a clear finish.
    The perfect Headlight Restoration Kit can be upgraded with special deals on
    Luber, Hex - Logic - Pads and JetSeal.

    Chemical Guys HLRK Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

    The FlexPad is perfect for Headlight - Restoration

    This Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block is an easy to hold sanding system which works perfect with the  sanding sheets in 2000, 2500 and 3000 grit to sand the oxidation and dull - effect off of the headlights and leave an even and easy to compound surface which can be used to deliver a clear finish.

    The Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block has a pliable gray side for self-adhesive sanding sheets from the Kovax Tolecut - Range. This side of the sanding block easily bends and flexes to adapt to changing surfaces and gradients to deliver superior, even sanding results. This sanding block is great for restoring headlights and removing the (UV) oxidation from these. Kovax Buflex is developed to dry - sand the surfaces, however sometimes headlights are that extreme oxidized you might consider a few sprays of Luber to glide and sand even more effective faster.


    Kovax Tolecut Sanding Sheets in 2000, 2500 and 3000 Grit
    The Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets in 2000, 2500 and 3000 Grit are supplied in a pack of three sanding sheets that adhere to sanding block to remove restore headlights. These sheets adhere to sanding block using a peel and stick system making it easy to use and replace as needed. The 2000 Grit Sanding Sheets are ideal to sand off oxidation and dull - effect from headlights that has builded up over years of time in sunlight (UV). The headlight - surface will look evenly matte after this job which is no need to panic, it will get better and clear when you're done. With the 2500 Grit Sanding Sheets you will partly sand - off the matte look and create a more even surface. The same goes for the 3000 Grit Sanding Sheets, it will be finer and finer and with this easier to finish off with your polisher to high - shine with use of the Hex - Logic Pads and V - Line of compounds and polishes.

    Chemical Guys HLRK Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

    Chemical Guys V Line Polish & Compound Sample Kit 4oz / 118ml Bottles
    Chemical Guys Line V compounds and finishing polishes are perfectly suited to compound and polish harder surfaces like often polycarbonate from headlights are. In genaral after sanding with 3000 Grit you would go for the V34 in combination with a orange or yellow Hex Logic Pad to polish off the refined matte look from sanding into a more clear and bright surface off your headlight, sometimes V34 takes a bit too long so you might want to switch to V32 instead.. The next step is to go for V36 on a white Hex Logic Pad to create perfect clarity. Please note we always go out of 2 passes per pad / polish / machine - combo in end to really use all the cutting - ability that is in the compound or polish and repeat as needed. Generally we work often with a DA however for headlights you also might want to check the No Scratch! Battery - Powered Rotary Polisher or the Rupes Mini Polisher.

    Protect and Seal with JetSeal
    Now that you removed the dull and oxidated top layer of your headlights and turned it into as new headlights again with optimal clarity you want to make sure that they stay in this state as long as possible. For this we advise to clean, degrease and dry the headlights thouroughly and then apply 2 coats (please note to cure JetSeal 20 minutes before buffing off and apply the next coat so it can bond maximum to the surface) of JetSeal which holds up around 9 months and protect against yellowing, cracking, oxidation which are due to happen when the sun is shining at your car. So better be sure to protect the hard work you have done and get your headlights sealed offf.

    The kit contains:
    1x Kovax Flexpad Pink
    1 x Kovax 3-pack 2000 Grit Sanding Sheets
    1x Kovax 3-pack 2500 Grit Sanding Sheets
    1x Kovax 3-pack 3000 Grit Sanding Sheets
    1x VLine Sample Kit

    Regular pricing for these items are € 98,75, Now together in this Headlight Restoration Kit € 87,95!!!

    Luber, Hex Logic Pads in the size 4 or 5,5 inch and JetSeal are optional to order and fit perfectly to this kit.

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