CarCare24.eu - HOL_FL_HP_4, Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon Gun V3 for Karcher Nilfisk Bosch PA pressure washers to clean any car.

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Why buy this product?
New design bottle with more stability on the ground.
Produces a thick layer of
snow foam.
Works with any pressure washer.
Touchless carwash.
Loosens dirt and grime from the surface.
Reduces scratches and swirls.
Designed to work with Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam, Mr. Pink and Orange Degreaser

 About this product
After applying the foam layer with this Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 dirt and grime directly starts loosening from the surface. Give your car a gentle touchless carwash. This Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 allows you to wash your car without even touching your vehicle. Snow foams are best used with a snow foam lance. The snow foam lance works to create a thick clinging foam by pushing the flow of water through a mix of shampoo-based products. It’s this clinging foam that allows cleaning agents to work longer, helping to dissolve and rid the vehicle of more dirt and grime than a quick jet wash would. Once rinsed, the paint is prepped in the best possible way ahead of the two-bucket wash stage, allowing much of the cleaning work to be done before having any real contact with the paint. 


The Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 changes the way you wash your car to reduce the creation of swirls. The Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 attaches directly to your pressure washer with one of our adapters (comes with the Foam Lance). In the top of the Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 the snow foam shampoo will be mixed with the high pressure washer to create a thick foam layer. This softens and lifts the dirt and grit from the vehicle’s surface in a matter of minutes, the foam can then be easily removed with a rinse from the pressure washer. This process removes the majority of the harmful dirt and grit that can cause swirls on the paintwork during regular contact washing, it makes the washing process much safer.

Eco-friendly wash solution
The best part of the Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 is that it’s Eco-Friendly. The Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 uses less water than conventional foam guns and washing methods, because it’s using the air injection to creates the thickest layer snow foam possible. Washing with the traditional washing method will spill 300 gallons water. Many communities around the world have begun to implement water restrictions on car washing in an effort to save water for the environment. The Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 is the perfect way to wash your car while saving hundreds of gallons of water. This foam cannon works with many pressure washers to conserve water and prevent unnecessary run off.

Honeydew Snow Foam

The Professional Snow Foam Lance Cannon V3 works perfectly with Honeydew Snow FoamHoneydew Snow Foam Auto Wash was released to total acclaim from customers and critics alike, but we’ve taken your comments and suggestions and reformulated Honeydew Snow Foam to make it even better. Growing is what we do and growth relies on innovation and education. For the past 10 years we’ve taken notes and listened to your feedback on how we can make the products even better. Our products have traveled worldwide and have been applied to millions of vehicles and we are proud to say that the results were exceptional. Improving an already amazing product involves reengineering, redeveloping, and manufacturing a product that excels above even our own expectations.

We have different adapters covering most of the popular makes of pressure washers, to ensure you get the right one for your machine. We have brands such as Kärcher, Kranzle, Nilfisk, Bosch and Black and Decker covered, as well as others. Simply choose the right connector for your pressure washer and add to your basket.

Size 800ml
Scent Honeydew
Color Translucent
Safe for wax and sealant Yes
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Fit in Mailbox N/A
Fit in digital stamp N/A
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