RUPES 9.BF100FM WHITE MICROFIBER FINE POLISHING PAD 80 100 MM - 9.BF100FM, Rupes White Microfiber Fine Pads 80 100 mm are designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches and oxidation of any color paint.

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Why buy this product
Technology on the highest level
Flexible pads that attach to any surface
Spiral structure for a continuous supply of air
Perfect for use with the BigFoot Eccentric Machines
High return on clearcoat
Less dust on the surface during the polishing process
Comfortable and easy to use

About this product
The White Microfiber Cutting Pads are designed to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches and oxidation of each color paint. The pad is fitted with a short, thick microfiber and is works great with heavier polishes. The special microfibers provide the perfect correction and maximum coverage to achieve the highest quality on the surface. The innovative Rupes Microfiber Pads are manufactured using a polyurethane resin which is injected between the velcro and the microfiber fabric directly. The resin adheres directly to both materials and thus makes for a stable and secure connection without using an adhesive. The unique shape of the pads with the beveled edge is much conformability as possible during the polishing process.

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Part Number BF100FH
Size 80 – 100 MM
Color White
Cutting Pad Yes
Polishing Pad No
Hook and Loop Backing Yes
Works with Rotary Polisher No
Works with Dual-Action (DA) Polisher Yes
Intended Users Professionals, Enthusiasts and Beginners
Materials Microfiber
More Information
Fit in Mailbox Look to weight
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