RUPES BIGFOOT PNEUMATIC TRIPLE ACTION POLISHER LTA 125 - BUF_100.7, The Rupes Bigfoot Pneumatic Triple Action Polisher LTA 125 provides balance and torque and can be used for polishing operations.

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Why buy this product?
Ergonomic, lightweight, and powerful.
Triple Action.
Special planetary gear unit.
Fewer vibrations.
Can be used with one hand.


About the Rupes Triple Action Polisher
This machine introduces a new innovative technology defined as “Triple Action” in the pneumatic polisher category. The dual action random orbital movement of this pneumatic  tool is combined with epicyclic gearing that delivers levels of torque and consistency, which were previously never carried out with pneumatically powered tools. This machine provides balance and torque and is extremely intuitive and easy to maneuver and can be used for polishing operations in several industries that include automotive detailing and many more. The new polishing machine is  suitable for polishing and finishing on any painted surface. It is so light and compact that it can be used with one hand. The triple action movement delivers high torque and a top quality finish. Because the new LTA works on air pressure, it can also be used in many industrial applications, where electrical machines are not allowed for safety reasons, eg OEM.

Powerful features of the Rupes Triple Action Polisher
Rupes adds a new type of pneumatic  polishing machines, the Triple Action with triple operation to the BigFoot range. While working with the machine, the user applies a variable pressure which, due to the frictional forces and the operation of the motor, can reduce the speed of the motor. With triple action machines, the polishing disc performs a certain rotational movement, just like with orbital, double action machines, and can rotate freely around its own axis.

Thanks to a special planetary gear unit, however, the torque used is considerably increased while the speed is decreasing. As a result, for example, the pressure exerted by the user has much less impact on the performance, and the machine delivers the same result. This improves the surface finish considerably and there are far fewer vibrations.


Manufacturer Rupes
Item Number LTA125
RPM 6000
Average air consumption CFM / (l/m) 400
Net weight kg 1.3
Pad Size mm 75
Working Pressure PSI / Bar 6.2
Backingplate diameter 125mm
More Information
Product Regulation EU Dec 2024Rupes Spa Via Marconi 3A loc. Vermezzo 20071 Vermezzo con Zelo (MI)
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