RUPES BIGFOOT ROTARY POLISHER LH 19E STN - LH_19E_STN, This Rupes BigFoot rotary polisher LH 19E STN is powerful and can go slow for finishing.

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Why buy this product?
The new Rupes BigFoot  LH19E Rotary polisher features; 
A powerful 1200 watt engine.
High torque.
9 meter long power cable.
A progressive start allowing to determine speed with the trigger.

About the Rupes LH 19E rotary
Rupes BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher is Rupes newest rotary polisher. After the huge success of the Rupes Bigfoot Mille orbital rotary polishers, this rotary machine has been developed under the same name. This unique Rupes BigFoot rotary polisher is even more powerful and can be slower for better finishing, this eliminating scratches quickly and efficiently. Rotary polishing technique is sometimes required as a first step in paint correction. Then the orbital rotary machine is used for optimal results in end to remove swirls.

What's new with the Rupes LH 19E rotary polisher?
Rupes Rotary is equipped with a more powerful engine combined with a lower total weight. The Rupes  LH 19E Rotary polisher comes standard with an anti vibration softgrip handle that can be placed on top of the machine. This ensures vibration free polishing, which makes it ideal for long term polishing. In addition to the standard speed control on the top of the machine, you can now arrange the speed with the trigger. This is ideal for working with extremely low speeds on corners and edges.

The dual transmission allows you to press the Rupes BigFoot LH 19E without slowing the machine for additional corrective power. Its ergonomic design and low weight make this polisher perfect for cars, boats and more.

The soft material of the machine ensures a comfortable grip during long use because vibration is captured. The machine comes with an extra long 9 meter cable so you can work more efficiently around the car and the use of an extension cord is not required.

Equipped with an electronically controlled speed controller with a clear indication mounted right on top of the machine, allowing the machine to be perfectly operated for left handers.

With the progressive switch it is possible to increase the number of turns very gradually, so that even more work can be done. The switch is, as it were, a throttle!

The rubber blocks on the machine make sure it can be safely laid down without damaging the machine.

The machine comes standard with a 125mm backing plate but other backing plates with an M14 connector will fit.

Remove deep scratches and swirls from the paint
Rupes BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher only makes a rotating movement during polishing. Thanks to this rotating drive, the surface and the paint become warmer during polishing than with orbital polishers. Thanks to the heat combined with the powerful engine of this Rupes rotary polisher, you are able to remove deep scratches, swirls, paint defects and holograms from the paintwork of cars.

Rupes LH 19E rotary polisher
Rupes LH 19E BigFoot polisher is a powerful rotary polisher for the most demanding polishing solutions. Unlike all other Rupes BigFoot polishers, this machine only has a rotary drive. This allows you to polish faster, harder, deeper and more aggressively. Thanks to the powerful engine and high torque, you get a great result in a short period of time.

Powerful features of the Rupes LH 19E rotary polisher
The new Rupes Rotary has the most advanced technologies and features for powerful and professional polishing.

Motor power: 1200 watts
Progressive start through trigger
Electronic speed control: 450 - 1700 rpm
backing plate connection: M14
Standard backing plate: 125mm
Possibilities for placement of a 125mm, 150mm or 165mm backing plate
Cable length: 9 meters
Weight: 2.2 kg

Rupes LH 19E STN
The Rupes LH19E STN Kit comes with;
1 x Rupes BigFoot LH19E Rotary polisher 125mm
1 x Anti-vibration soft grip loop handle
1 x Rupes BigFoot Rotary Blue Coarse Compound polishing Medium 250ml (9.BRCOARSE250)
1 x Rupes BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Compound polishing Medium 250ml (9.BRFINE250)
1 x Rupes BigFoot Rotary Blue Foam Cutting Pad polishing Pad 150mm (9.BR150H)
1 x Rupes BigFoot Rotary Yellow Foam Finishing Pad polishing Pad 150mm (9.BR150M)

Article number LH19E / STN
Weee Number  
Diameter 125mm
Execution Electrical
RPM Speed 450 - 1700 rpm
Voltage 220 Volt
Wattage 1200 Watts
Weight 2.2 Kg
Manufacturer Rupes
Warranty 2 Years
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