INFRARED SHORT WEAVE PAINT DRYER 100 1 X 1000W - SPEED_DRY_100, 1 infrared paint dryer with 1000 watt make any paint(coating) dry faster. With a drying time up to 10 minutes.

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Easy to use
One infrared spots
Use each spot individually
Configurable timer


Make drying quickly and easy. The infrared light tubes with 1000 watt is drying faster than ever. With a drying time up to 10 minutes, you never have to wait anymore. Short wave heat dries the paint from the inside to the outside. The infrared dryer can be adapted to the requirements of the drying from the front. It is also possible to enable each spot individually.  The infrared dryer has an amazing drying surface of 600 x 500mm. The device weights 5,2 kg. That’s amazing for a device with all these capabilities.

Perfect for Paint Coatings!
Many paint coatings like the Second Skin have a disadvantage because the first 12 hours after application it may not be exposed to rain or any other moisture. With the Infrared Paint Protection Coating Dryer you can reduce the drying and curing time to a minimum. It takes only 10 minutes per panel with the Infrared Paint Protection Coating Dryer which normally can take 12+ hours. It is perfect for professional detailers with limited space who cannot have a car for a minimum of 12 hours just standing there occupying the working - space.

The gold coated infrared heaters are made of high quality quartz tubes. Quartz glass is very pure and provides good transmission and temperature resistance. The gold coating on the infrared emitters reflects the Infrared radiation. The effective radiation on the product is virtually doubled.

Warning: Be careful with plastic panels! The extreme heat can deform or even melt plastic panels.

Models in the picture are the 300AX and 200X Gold

Power supply 230VAC
Heating capacity 1 x 1000W
Temperature 80~100°C at 30cm to 50cm
Consumption 1,0 KWH per hour
Drying surface 600 x 500mm
Timer 0-99 min (configurable)
Weight 5,2 Kg
Cable length  5 meter
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