SHINY GARAGE FLUFFY DRYING TOWEL 60CM X 90CM - 16.11, This 60cm x 90cm drying towel can dry 1 whole medium size car.

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Very good value for money.
80 / 20 microfiber.
90 x 60 cm for extreme coverage.

About this product
This 60 x 90 cm drying towel can dry 1 whole medium size car. It has 1 side long fibers in a split design so this will absorb a lot of water and on the other side short fibers which can be used to remove potential haze after wiping with the long – fibered side. The edges are sewn so these stay in tact also after many uses and many washes.


Size L x W = 60 x 90cm
SKU(‘s)  16.11
Type product Drying Towel
Microfiber Type 80 / 20
Microfiber Quality 380 GSM
Color Red / Blue
Extra 1 Use after rinsing, first vertical parts, then horizontal parts
Extra 2 Wash without fabric softner
Extra 3 Let air – dry (not in drying machine)
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