SHINY GARAGE YELLOW SNOW FOAM NEUTRAL PH 5000ML - 10.105, Yellow Snow Foam PH Neutral produces thick and clining foam in a yellow color. 

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Why buy this product
Very good value for money.
Delivers thick clinging snow foam in a yellow color.
Pre saturates dirt and oxidation which delivers a safer and more efficient carwash.
Smells like fresh fruits.
Easy to use snow foam.

About this product
Yellow Snow Foam PH Neutral produces thick and clining foam in a yellow color. This snow foam pre saturates dirt and oxidation and releases a siqnificant amount of this from the surface. The rest on dirt and oxidation can be washed off safe and efficient. With this way of working you will have less chances on swirls and paint imperfections, remember; 95% of swirls are caused by improper washing.

Yellow Snow Foam PH Neutral is fun, offers a very good value for money, a good quality product that does what it says, smells fresh and is easy to use for anyone.


Available quantities  5000ml
SKU(‘s)  10.105
Type product Snow Foam Shampoo
Dilution / Mix Ratio 100ml product + 900ml (warm) water
Scent Vanilla
Cleaning power Medium
Color Light Yellow
Gloss enhancer No
Foam High
Safe for wax / sealant / coating Yes
PH Neutral Yes
Safe on light colors Yes
Safe on dark colors Yes
Extra 1 A medium car (VW Golf) needs ca 500ml snow foam solution
Extra 2 Find the Professional Snow Foam Lance V2 incl. adapter here; 
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