Smart Clayblock - 40101, SmartClay Block makes spotted, rough and cratered surfaces smooth like glass.
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SmartClay - makes spotted, rough and cratered surfaces smooth like glass again.

These non-abrasive bars safely and quickly remove surface contamination by “pulling” it off the surface. This product works best with Smartdetail™, so we made it into a kit. * Use prior to polishing your car for an ultra-smooth finish * Make spotted, rough and cratered surfaces smooth again - safely and without damaging the surface paint * A single non-abrasive grade that works on all paint conditions, yet is still clear coat safe SmartClay™ is a paint cleaning and smoothing system that removes bonded contamination without reducing your clear coat! SmartClay clay is an amazing new paint finish maintenance tool that easily and safely removes the bonded contamination that washing leaves behind. With SmartClay, insect remains, paint overspray, industrial fallout, brake dust, tar, sap and filthy road grime are erased away like magic. It's amazing! Your car's paint will never feel smoother or more slippery. SmartClay smoothes paint better than traditional paint polishes, yet it does not reduce clear coat thickness. Your paint emerges perfectly clean and the clear coat retains its full depth and protective beauty. Use SmartClay™ in conjunction with SmartDetail™ to lubricate the paint surface. SmartClay™ floats (hydroplanes) over the paint finish, removing only the protruding contamination. SmartDetail's ultra-slick lubrication prevents paint marring and leaves a lightly waxed, high-gloss finish. SmartClay™ is the first step in proper paint care.

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